XFX Will Offer Optic Implants Page: 1
XFX gone crazy?
XFX 2118ADXFX has left many internet users puzzled after a press release today, which offered a cybergenetic program that offered users optic implants that would deliver gaming experiences that would be seamless to real life experiences. Some users believed this was true and others instantly noticed it was "fake" when they saw Direct X 67 and 262 Zillion shaders.
It turns out that the website and videos on the website were fake and set up to show off ATI's new eyefinity technology. The technology was launched yesterday, with AMD showing 24 monitors connected to one computer, with 4 DirectX11 GPUs, that's 6 each! The computer ran a flight simulator game across all 24 monitors, at a staggering resolution of 7680 x 3200 or 24.5 mega pixels. I don't really need to explain any more do I, it's absolutely huge!
The technology will be on most of the upcoming cards, but only the special edition cards will have the capability to drive 6 huge monitors via the 6 display port outlets on the rear. The bezels of the monitors and the software support are the only things holding this amazing platform back, and it seems AMD has solutions for both, they are working closely with Samsung to produce ultra slim screens and also have prepared a Catalyst update to make it compatible with as many games as possible.
The uses for this type of thing are endless and AMD are certainly on to a winner with this one. Combine the high power of the upcoming 5 series with this and you've got an awesome gaming experience, which is useful for rendering and other professional applications too.
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