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Xigmatek Unveil Thor's Hammer Heatsink

Aftermarket cooling manufacturers', Xigmatek, has unveiled the latest in its line of heatsinks named Thor's Hammer. If you squint your eyes very tightly I guess it does bear some resemblance to the god of thunder's short-handled hammer, however, it does look like quite a formidable CPU cooler.

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The heatsink measures in at 120 x 50 x 159 mm with a weight of 500 grams. The base of the cooler is nickel-plated and the aluminum fin array has the fins positioned in a special offset pattern which is said to help reach a bigger surface area without increasing the overall dimensions of the cooler.

But what's most impressive about this cooler is the use of seven heat-pipes. Four U-shaped 8mm ones in a Heatpipe Direct arrangement (meaning they physically touch the CPU) and three more U-shaped 6mm heatpipes sitting above them.

You can mount one or two 120mm fans to the Thor's Hammer. The cooler is compatible with all current CPU sockets (including LGA-1366) and pricing comes in at 56.90 Euro.

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