Xilence Announces XQ 1200W PSU Page: 1

Xilence Power is getting ready to come forth with an all new, high wattage, high efficiency power supply unit for the latest GeForce GTX cards. Dubbed the XQ, the new PSU boasts of a power output of 1200W.

nVIDIA’s new GeForce series cards – the GTX 470 and GTX 480 are excellent in two aspects – their high tessellation rendering abilities and their performance scalability in SLI setups. According to the manufacturer, the cards’ performance can be boosted by as much as 90% in dual-GPU configurations.

But with their thermal design powers (TDPs) of 215W and 250W respectively, dual-GPU configurations of the cards would also call for some mean power supply. Xilence’s new XQ PSU does exactly this.

1200W of power supply ability, 12V rails, and a 135mm fan means the PSU can match the power-supply requirements of even the highest configurations. Moreover, the unit is 80Plus Gold certified, the highest possible rating for a PSU, with its 92 percent energy efficiency. This makes the Xilence XQ 1200W PSU an absolutely lean and mean machine.

To add to these impressive specifications, the XQ also features protection against under-voltage, short-circuit, over-voltage, and over-current. So users of high-level configurations can be relaxed about the safety of their costly systems.

With a suggested price of €249 and availability starting sometime in mid-April, the Xilience XQ 1200W PSU is one power supply unit that enthusiasts would definitely look forward to.

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