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XSPC getting new gear ready for release

Many of those amongst us would be familiar with XSPC, and the range of water-cooling products that they offer. Well today we have some exciting news for you all - XSPC have some new and exciting gear on the way, and you guys are privvy to the gear before it's officially released.

I have just finished speaking with Paul from XSPC UK, and he was kind enough to forward onto me some of the products that we can expect to see in the very near future. Please remember that some of these images may contain ES' and pre-production runs, so the finished retail product will be considerably more polished. Anyway, let's see what they have to offer...

X2O delta

XSPC have been busy getting their new X20 Delta CPU block, and X2O V2 chipset block ready. The X20 Delta is optimised for dual and quad-core processors and promises to provide improved flow and cooling performance. Overclock3d will be receiving both the Delta and V2 waterblocks and you can rest assured that they will given a thorough going-over in the review Labs.

DDC top

DDC tops appear to be the order of the day at the moment, and XSPC are aiming to get some serious performance numbers on the board by producing their own. These tops do perform extremely well and hold their own. The image provided is a pre-release sample, and as such you can still see the machining marks on the impeller ceiling. On the finished blocks the machining marks have been removed via the final polishing process.

DDC top with res

As well as producing their standard DDC tops, XSPC have also manufactured a hybrid top with reservoir.

5.25 bay res

XSPC's bay reservoirs will also receive an update. The Single 5.25" Bay Reservoir Pump will certainly be handy for those wanting to include a secondary loop to their current setup, or those with compact watercooling systems. The included pump is reportedly very quiet and produces almost no vibration.

Dual 5.25

The Dual 5.25" bay reservoir will retail with a black-only face and features a bubble window on the front. It would be perfect for showing off UV reactive dyes and comes with 3 LED holes so you can really make it glow with UV LED's.

Admittedly, product info at present is a little on the 'limited' side but until these new products are released I am not at liberty to publish it. But regardless, there is certainly some nice looking gear that we can expect from XSPC in the very near future.

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