Yet More Details Of Upcoming ATi Cards Page: 1
Juniper = 5850?
Since we shown the first images of the upcoming ATi "Evergreen" series, yet more details have emerged. The "Juniper" card we shown details of earlier today is set to be the Radeon 5850, which is pretty much the mid range card if previous generations are anything to go on.
The Evergreen series will consist of 5 products initially, 4 single GPU and 1 dual GPU card. Cypress is the flagship edition, featuring dual RV870 chips, then the single GPU RV870 (Juniper), followed by RV830 (Redwood), RV810 (Cedar) and Hemlock which is unknown so far. All cards are rumoured to deliver double the performance of previous cards, as the 3DMark Vantage Performance preset scores show.
RV870: P16000-P18000
RV840: P95xx
RV830: P46xx
There is no details on the exact system specifications, but I'd expect a Phenom II system or something equally as powerful to show the true potential of these cards. The RV870 is the mid range in the series, and gives performance between a 4890 and 4870x2, the RV840 similar to the 4770 and RV830 near to the 4670, which seem very good given that they will be priced lower too.
All will be fully revelaed on the 10th September, but for now, discuss in our Forums.