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You Really can Commit all Crimes in GTA IV
Recently, information about a little cheat on GTA IV has been flying around the web, this cheat allows the player to achieve a "five star wanted" status very quickly. The way to use this cheat is to click on a child beauty pageant website.
The fake site Little, takes the player to a page which displays a message from the police saying the site has been shut down. It warns that anyone caught looking at it will be investigated and shows the warning: “We see it all, we know it all.” The cheat results in some seriously fun cops and robber chases. The fake domain name is one of dozen in GTA which activate cheats.
Below is a quote of Jason Deschoolmeester from South Wales:
I was looking on the internet for cheats and the name of this caught my eye as my daughter is called Lacey. This crosses the line. The makers have obviously sat around and discussed putting this in, and it’s not on. What will they do next? It’s disgusting. It could lead people to indulge in things like that. It is totally sick. I won’t play it again.
Just another extreme Rockstar joke that pushes the boundary. it's not like you can actually play the role of a paedophile, although you can do almost every other crime.
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