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After reviewing just under 20 power supplies for Overclock3D in the past few months I thought I'd heard of and tested just about every worthwhile unit on the market. Then out of the blue a few weeks back, I received an e-mail from a little known company called Zippy asking me if I'd like to take a look at some high end units from their latest range. How could I resist...

Zippy is not a company that many of us will have heard of, however they have been in the electronics business since 1983, and producing power supplies for the industrial market under the name of Emacs for over 13 years.

What Zippy say about themselves
"Founded in April 1983, ZIPPY Technology Corporation started out with the design and development of Switches, specializing in mold tooling and material engineering. The success of our Switches Division set the stepping-stone for a multitude of advancements in the upcoming years.

Riding amidst the wave towards rapidly developing e-business, our Power Division was established in 1993 and quickly set a strong foot-hold in the research and development in power supplies, particularly in Server Power Supply and Redundant Power Supply.

With more than twenty years of experience, we are more than confident to face the 21st century’s rapid advancement in electronics, biotechnologies and nanotechnologies. Working as a team, our staffs are ready to face any challenges heading our way."


Credit has to be given to Zippy for designing the only PSU packaging that has ever made me smile and admire its originality. Most companies tend to go for bright colours and CGI graphics to attract consumers, but Zippy has actually modelled their packaging around the PSU contained within...

Zippy Emacs G1 600w Box Zippy Emacs G1 600w Box

All sides of the packaging feature a brushed aluminium effect that ties in with the finish on the actual unit. On the front/back of the packaging, Zippy have cleverly printed images of the corresponding sides of the power supply.

Judging by the top of the box, it looks that Zippy might need to invest in a better English translator as "Best of Power Supply" doesn't quite make sense. Besides, putting such a bold statement on a product would generally turn potential buyers away.

Zippy Emacs G1 600w Box Zippy Emacs G1 600w Box

The back of the box is where you'll find the most information about the G1. Yet again the English translation is pretty poor, but we can see from above, that the GSM-660P has a single +12v rail, High efficiency and is SLI ready. Some of the other specifications such as "Top rating on 3rd parties surveying sites" left me rather confused, but I'm guessing that they are trying to say that the unit is well regarded among other companies in the industry?

Zippy Emacs G1 600w Package Zippy Emacs G1 600w Package

Open up the box and the first thing we are presented with is a sheet of paper containing the test results from a Chroma ATE DC load stress tester. This is the kind of thing we would normally expect from a highly respected PSU manufacturer such as PCP&C, and therefore is a very reassuring inclusion with the Zippy Emacs unit.

The G1 is sandwiched between two styrofoam mouldings that protect it from knocks and dents. To avoid smaller scratches and marks, the unit is also placed in a plastic bag.

The full contents of the box are as follows:

• 1x 24-20Pin ATX converter.
• 4x ATX screws.
• 1x Zippy Emacs manual.
• 1x Chroma ATE test report.
• 1x Zippy Emacs 600w PSU.

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The following specifications have been taken directly from Zippy Emacs' Site:

* OVER CURRENT PROTECTION:+3.3V→33A~45A,+5V→33A~45A,12V→44A~66A
* OVER VOLTAGE PROTECTION:+3.3V→3.7V~4.1V,+5V→5.7V~6.2V,12V→13.3V~14.3V

Specs Nvidia SLI Certified

To summarise the above information, the GSM-6600P has a single +12v rail rated at an impressive 40 amps with both +3.3v and +5v rails rated at 30 amps each. The unit also incorporates security features such as OCP, OVP and OLP, which prevent damage to the power supply when voltages or load go outside of specification.

Zippy Emacs GSM-6600P G1 600w PSU Page: 3

When it comes to high-end power supplies, looks often take a back seat to performance with most companies opting for plain black or silver painted units. Zippy Emacs however, have something rather unique up their sleeves..

Zippy Emacs G1 600w Top Zippy Emacs G1 600w Logo

With its brushed and anodised aluminium housing, the GSM-660P has to be the most visually elegant power supply I've ever tested to date. Credit also has to be given to Zippy Emacs for the smaller details such as countersunk screws and polished aluminium Emacs logo. This PSU would be a great match for a high-end aluminium PC case such as a Lian-Li.

Zippy Emacs G1 600w Back Zippy Emacs G1 600w Back

It's a shame that Zippy opted for a "punched" fan grill, as in my opinion this makes the unit look rather dated. A much better option would have been a black wire fan grill seen on most modern power supplies.

An interesting feature not seen on many other power supplies is the power cord brace seen in the picture on the right. This prevents the power cord from coming loose or being accidentally unplugged. Certainly handy for those of us who are always shifting our PC's around.

The GSM-6600P has the ability to auto-detect input voltage and switch between 110v/240v accordingly. This means there is no requirement for a voltage selection switch on the back of the unit.

Zippy Emacs G1 600w Side Zippy Emacs G1 600w Front

The front of the unit gives you a sneak peek at the beast within through its full sized mesh grill. We can also see that Zippy Emacs have opted to hold the bundle of cables protruding from the unit together with a large cable tie. While this is perfectly acceptable, it does allow for more movement of the cables inside the unit, which could eventually lead to a cable or solder joint breaking if the cables were moved around a lot.

Zippy Emacs GSM-6600P G1 600w PSU Page: 4

Having never reviewed a Zippy Emacs power supply before, I wasn't quite sure what to expect in the cabling and connectors department. Could this area be the units downfall? Let's find out...

Zippy Emacs G1 600w Cables Zippy Emacs G1 600w Cables

Zippy Emacs G1 600w Cables Zippy Emacs G1 600w Cables

All cables on the GSM-6600P are sleeved up to the first connector in a black mesh and finished off with cable ties covered with black heat shrink tubing. The overall sleeving job is excellent, but I was slightly disappointed to see that the sleeving didn't go all the way inside the unit - instead stopping about 5cm short.

Zippy Emacs G1 600w ATX Zipyp Emacs G1 600w ATX

Zippy Emacs G1 600w EPS12v

Zippy Emacs have adopted the latest EPS12v technology (24-pin & 8-pin connectors) on the GSM-660P, but have also provided backwards compatibility for older systems based on 20-Pin ATX and P4-12v (4-pin) connectors as can be seen above.


SATA Molex Floppy

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Looking Inside

As with all power supplies that pass through Overclock3D, I'll be taking a look inside the GSM-6600P. By doing this I should be able to get a good idea of the overall build quality of the unit and how it is likely to perform in our tests.

Zippy Emacs G1 600w Inside Zeus Emacs G1 600w Inside

Zippy Emacs G1 600w Inside

To say that this power supply is 'jam packed' would be a serious understatement. Every inch of the casing is occupied by components, with two oversized aluminium heatsinks designed to move the heat away from the hotter parts of the unit.

The layout of the components and cabling is rather untidy in comparison with other units that I've seen in the past and makes me wonder just how effective the 80mm fan will be at keeping everything cool.

I'm always on the lookout for adjustable pots in PSU's that pass through OC3D, as these can come in very handy on increasing the voltages if they droop under heavy load. Unfortunately I was unable to find any on the GSM-6600P, which is a great shame - let's hope they are not needed.

Zippy Emacs G1 600w Fan Zippy Emacs G1 600w Fan

As previously mentioned, the GSM-6600P makes use of an 80mm fan manufactured by Sanyo Denki. The San Cooler 80 is able to push a total of 42cfm when running at 12v, with a noise output level of 34dBA.

Zippy Emacs GSM-6600P G1 600w PSU Page: 6
Load Testing

In order for the results from all current and future PSU reviews to remain fair and comparable, Overclock3D uses a custom built Power Supply load stress tester.

The tester will be placing the following loads on each of the GSM-6600P's rails:

+3.3v - 20a Load
+5.0v - 20a Load
+12v - 40a Load

The results are collected from a Mastech MAS-345 Multimeter which logs its readings via RS232 to a PC.

Zippy Emacs G1 600w 3.3v Rail Zippy Emacs G1 600w +5v Rail

The results speak for themselves - NO fluctuation was observed on either the +3.3v or +5v rails. This is simply amazing for a unit placed under such a high load.

Zippy Emacs G1 600w +12v Rail

After being so impressed with the +3.3v and +5v rails on the Zippy, we wanted to give the unit a real hard time and decided to place a 40a load on the single +12v rail. This counts for 100% of the rails total rated load and on most power supplies we'd expect to see quite a dip in the voltage. However, the GSM-6600P performed admirably, with the voltage only dipping by 0.04v taking it down to bang on 12.00v.

Efficiency Testing

Efficiency tests are performed by measuring the wattage consumed by the power supply at the mains against the power (in watts) consumed by the OC3D power supply stress tester.

The results may not be as accurate as those produced by professional testing equipment, but will certainly come in handy when comparing several power supplies against each other.

Zippy Emacs G1 600w Efficiency

The Zippy Emacs was placed under a load of 646 watts. This counts for a total of 107% of the power supplies rated output. At this load, the power supply required 764 watts from the mains to produce the 646 watts required by our custom made power supply tester. Therefore the efficiency of this power supply can be found by a simple equation: (646 / 764) * 100 that works out to be an efficiency rating of 84.5%.

Noise Testing

Possibly the hardest part of any PSU review is summarising the level of noise given out by the unit. The threshold for what is considered 'noisy' varies from person to person and therefore what I may consider a quiet unit, another person may consider extremely loud. A common way to resolve this issue is to use a dBA meter to measure the units noise level, however this doesn't take into account the pitch (type) of noise emitted and whether it is likely to irritate end users.

For this reason OC3D records all power supplies at idle and load in wav format for you to make your own informed decisions. All recordings are taken at 30cm away from the PSU and outside of a PC case. You will need to remember that noise levels will be reduced by varying amounts once the PSU has been installed inside your PC enclosure.

Idle Recording - Download
Load Recording - Download

At idle I found the GSM-6600P to be reasonably quiet. With the unit installed inside a PC enclosure, I am confident that the unit would have been inaudible.

Placing a full load on the unit caused the fan speed to increase significantly thus increasing the noise levels at the same time. Despite the load recording above sounding quite high-pitched, I was pleasantly surprised with the way in which the GSM-6600P controlled the 80mm fan, keeping noise levels as low as possible.

Zippy Emacs GSM-6600P G1 600w PSU Page: 7

Without a doubt, the GSM-6600P is one very impressive unit. Zippy Emacs have set a new standard in computer PSU design, showing that stable power and looks can co-exist in one package.

What's more impressive than the GSM-6600P's looks, is its ability to produce rock solid power output with little to no fluctuation exhibited on all of the rails. In addition to this, the voltages are actually set very close to the rail standards (+3.33v rail @ 3.35v, +5v rail @ 5.01v, +12v rail @ 12.04v) unlike many other manufacturers that set their rail voltages as high as possible to compensate for potential droop.

To top the package off, the GSM-6600P is also one of the most efficient power supplies we've ever tested here at Overclock3D, managing a very respectable 84.5% efficiency rating.

At present the Zippy Emacs GSM-6600P isn't available in the UK (or anywhere for that matter). However, I have heard that several UK retailers will be obtaining the unit shortly, and once the unit is in stock this review will be updated.

Zippy Emacs units are now being stocked over at Specialtech with the GSM-6600P retailing for around £95.

+ No voltage droop on the +3.3v and +5v rails.
+ Minimal voltage fluctuation on +12v rail.
+ Ultra high efficiency at 84.5%
+ Elegant brushed aluminium casing.
+ Masses of power for a unit rated at 600w.
+ All cables professionally sleeved.

- English translation on packaging needs work.

Editors Choice

Thanks to Zippy Emacs for providing this unit for review.

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