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Dual GTX 460 graphics cards have been expected for quite a while – ever since Nvidia introduced the graphics core actually. But no manufacturer has yet taken the leap. Zotac finally seems to have decided to do something about it – the manufacturer has come out with a dual-GTX 460 graphics card. Chinese tech portal EXPreview has come up with the goods on this new solution from Zotac.


The GTX 460 graphics card has quickly climbed the popularity charts, which in turn fuelled rumors of a dual-chip hitting the market soon. Nvidia themselves went on record saying that any such card would be launched officially in the form of the GTX 490, though the same has not yet been confirmed.


Now EXPreview is showing off pictures that talk about a dual-GTX 460 card from Zotac. If the pictures are to be believed, Zotac has done quite a bit of work on the chip. The PCB is in a non-standard form factor, with the two GTX 460 cores bridged together using a Nvidia NF200 chip. Two 8-Pin PCI Express connectors are also in evidence to ensure the two cores work in tandem.


Of course, the NF200 bridge chip does more than make the dual-GPU possible – it also has a major role in making the card compatible with systems without the SLI technology. Also on the back of the card is a Proadlizer capacitor that stabilizes the GPUs when they start hitting higher frequencies. This basically means Zotac has given good thought to overclocking and prepared for the eventuality.


The double GTX 460 has been equipped with 2GB of GDDR5 memory for the time being. 3D Vision Surround support is built-in on account of the 4 DVI connectors as is HDMI output. While the card is very much a reality, there are no details available on its pricing or availability. 

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The Zotac Dual-GTX 460 GPU; Image Courtesy: EXPreview  The Zotac Dual-GTX 460 GPU; Image Courtesy: EXPreview