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Now unlocked to any Geforce 8 & higher GPU

Zotac NitroBack in August, 08, Zotac released a new hardware overclocking controller, named the Nitro. With a retail price of £90, and the fact that the Nitro could only control Zotac branded graphics cards, it would be fair to say that it didn't make a huge impression on the market. Well, Zotac have today announced in press release a revised version of the software used to control the Nitro unit, which will allow users to overclock any Nvidia GeForce  8 series or higher GPU, regardless of brand. The software in question is called Firestorm and the new revision is labelled 1.015. Carsten Berger, marketing director, ZOTAC International had the following to say:

“End users demanded that we open up the NITRO hardware for use with non-ZOTAC graphics cards. We listened, and with a software update, the ZOTAC NITRO will work with all NVIDIA GeForce based graphics cards. The latest version of ZOTAC FireStorm opens up the NITRO to a world of new possibilities. With all the new expert features, ZOTAC FireStorm paired with the NITRO is a powerful graphics card tuning solution for novice and expert users"

Features of the Zotac Nitro:
You can read the press release in it's entirity on the Zotac website. You can also discuss this within our forums.