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Zotac's Hybrid SLI motherboard
Zotac have shown the world the first Nvidia 750a chipset motherboard, picture can be seen below. The new board comes with dual SLI PCI-Express slots and has full support for Nvidia's Hybrid SLI, Hybrid power and Geforce Boost Technology.
The board supports AMD processors so the socket is AM2+ which means it will support the new Phenoms and Athlons. This is weird seeing as Nvidia haven't used AMD's socket for a long time, since Nforce 5 in fact. Quad SLI is possible on this board but only if running Vista. Only down side is if you run SLI each PCI-Express slot will be down clocked to 8x.
For cooling it uses a huge silver heatsink between the sata ports and the PCI-E Slots as shown below. Which means this board will be completely silent. The Chipset has full support for Direct X 10 and Shader Model 4.0.

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