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Zotac NitroNitro debuts at NVISION08

Zotac have announced their new hand-held overclocking controller, which allows for overclocking Zotac graphics cards on the fly. whilst playing games. GPU core, shader and memory clock settings can all be adjusted via the new controller, which has been named the 'Nitro'. It connects to the PC via USB and uses a simple interface with just three buttons. The controller is compatible with all Zotac Geforce cards and requires Windows XP/Vista.

Carsten Berger, marketing director of ZOTAC International, said of the new device:

"Owners of ZOTAC GeForce graphics cards crave all the graphics power available. NITRO allows our customers to extract every ounce of performance from their ZOTAC GeForce graphics card without the hassles of using unsupported third-party software, overclocking has never been easier with the intuitive NITRO.”

Despite it's quite ugly appearance, the Zotac Nitro promises to be a useful tool for Zotac card owners, especially as the only current way to overclock a graphics card is to use software and changes cannot be made on the fly.

It seems that some of the big names are becoming more switched on to overclocking, and trying to make it more accessible to the general user. Asus are to release a hand held overclocking controller with their forthcoming X58 based P6T Deluxe, and we wonder if this is the start of a trend.

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