Zune Pass Coming to the UK? Page: 1

When Microsoft first came out with their Zune player, it was only natural that some sort of marketplace would come paired with it.  In addition to this iTunes-like store, Microsoft also launched Zune Pass, a subscription-based music service.

For a small monthly fee of $14.99, users are given unlimited access to a 6+ million song collection.  In addition to this, users are able to download up to 10 DRM-free songs to keep forever each month.  Since launch, this service has only been available to users in the US, though there have been workarounds involving prepaid Visa cards and the like.  However, now it seems this could change soon.

A LiveSide reader recently spotted a subscription page on the Zune UK site.  The user provided a screencap of the page showing a monthly price of £8.99 and a 3-month plan for £26.97.  He was even able to sign up for the 14-day free trial, though this was non-functional as the UK Zune software does not currently support the Zune Marketplace.

It seems the move could be to help promote the Zune software integration with the upcoming Windows Mobile 7 phone operating system.

For more information about Zune Pass, check out the official page here.

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