Anidees AI Crystal XL Review

Introduction and Technical Specification

Anidees AI Crystal XL AR Review  


We get more than a few PC cases delivered here for review, so many in fact that the various delivery chaps have become quite familiar acquaintances.  Imagine then that one of them, Dave in fact from Parcel Farce accused me of trying to kill him?  Why should he make this accusation?  Well it could have something to do with the sheer size and weight of the Anidees AI Crystal XL AR.  Putting the size aside for the moment, at 20KG, that's practically the weight of a 10 year old.  And where does this weight come from you ask?  well the case is made of Steel, and both side panels as well as the front panel are made from 5mm thick Tempered Glass.  All that, in conjunction with the size adds up to a fair weight.  

At first glance the XL seems to offer everything you could hope for....actually I was expecting to a "but" in here, "but" to be honest, even at this point in the review, i'm struggling to think where I can find weakness.  Guys, I think I might be in love...This case had better not have lead me on..I've loved and been hurt before.  Jennifer Hawkins, I'm looking at you.


Technical Specification

Dimensions620x235x595mm (lxWxH)
MaterialSteel Chassis, Plastic trim, 5mm Tempered glass panels
Front I/OUSB3.0 x 2, USB2.0 x 2 ,3 steps Fan Controller, Audio 1,Mic 1
Expansion Slots10 + 2 Vertical
Air Cooling

Front:  140mm Fan x 3(optional) /120mm AI-Aureola RGB Fan 4 (included)

Rear:  140mm Fan x 1 (optional) / 120mm AI-Aureola RGB fan 1 (included)

Top:  140mm x 3 /120mm x 4 (optional)

Water Cooling

Front: Up to 360, 480 rad

Roof:  Up to 360, 480 rad

Rear:   ....Really??? OK, 120 or 140mm

Max CPU Cooler Height190mm
Max GPU Length530mm
Max PSU Length530mm (with drive cages removed)




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Most Recent Comments

02-04-2018, 16:49:52

Nice review Tom!Quote

02-04-2018, 17:05:53

There would of been a time I'd have been one of those not getting where you were going with long cables going to the MB, since being on this forum and seeing other peoples builds I've got just as OCD about tidy cables as others on here.
What kept distracting me was the Grommet cover and the lines (gpu holder) I'd have to replace that with a flat panel for a cleaner look also the extra HDD holder holes need to be coveredQuote

02-04-2018, 19:08:15

Hello gorgeous.Quote

03-04-2018, 02:59:26

Great review Tom.

To start on the case... Manufacturers should decide on which consumers are cases targeted. To have options is good but too many options ruin the product.

Why is there 10 cm of space under the motherboard, and only 6 cm on the top? If you target your case for water cooling why reduce top radiator clearance? I don't remember seeing XL boards in any recent times. Why support them?

PSU shroud. Shrouds make sense only on budget builds. Then you have extensions and you want to cover default PSU cables. On expensive "flagship" models at least give the option to remove them.

Front fan mounts are disaster. If you have glass make indentation for fans, like on be quiet Dark Base 900 so there are no metal bars over RGB fans.

What the hell is going on with that "GPU holder"?

And those punch through holes for HDD cables... Cmon... Put some plastic plugs in them. It will at least look like you made an effort.

I will use the Top Gear analogy from episode when they reviewed Chinese cars. It is like someone described them modern cases over the phone, and they bogged something. It looks to me like they have tried to have all the features from the modern flagship cases, but they either lack the resources, or were done buy incompetent people. Everything is cramped, and rushed.

It is like they had a list from the accountants of the features they need to put in the case, and no one checked were they aesthetically pleasing, or actually functional. It just needs to say on paper that we have those.

The one thing I agree with Tom is that it could be a good project case. If the price is around 200 tokens you can dive right into it with dremel and drills. Not as much to make it yours, but more to correct the mistakes.Quote

03-04-2018, 07:48:23

That is a very interesting case!

In its default configuration of storage alone I am sold, 6 3.5" + 3 2.5" with this amount of water cooling support is rather amazing.

Amazon shows 210 USD for the fan-less version right now, so that is a 40 USD premium for 5 fans, again a good sale for those who might want to use the bundled fans and call it a day.

I wish, though, the fan controller up top would be completely gone from the lite version of the case as, is also the same with the non-software controllable rgb stuff, many people prefer software based solutions nowadays.

Little stuff though. Overall, I could very easily fit in a huge reservoir with extra fins on the pump in the bottom + vibration dampeners with a 360 + 480 rad setup. The case can easily store an HBA + battery bank + sound card + 2 graphics cards in there.

Huge, insanely huge and versatile. I like it and is rather well priced for a case that can store this much.

If there is a couple of things to modify, though; I would take that PSU cover out and mod it until just the farthest pump mount remained and the cabling grommet moved to align with the graphics cards. Not much else is there to do.

Great review guys, in depth as usual. This just might be my next case.Quote

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