Asus Triton 81 Skt1366 CPU Cooler

Test Setup

Test Setup

To ensure all our CPU cooler tests are as equal as possible we intend to use the same base setup, CPU clockspeed and BIOS settings. We also take special consideration to ensure that the ambient temperature is as near to 23 degrees centigrade as possible throughout the testing thanks to an digitally controlled air conditioning system.

CPU Coolers:
Intel Stock i7 920 skt 1336 cooler
Asus Triton 81 HSF

CPU: Intel Nehalem i7 920 Skt1366 2.66GHz
Motherboard: Asus P6T Deluxe 'OC Palm'
Memory: 3x2GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600mhz @ 8-8-8-24
HD : Hitachi Deskstar 7k160 7200rpm 80GB
GPU: Nvidia GTX280
Graphics Drivers: GeForce 180.60
PSU: Gigabyte ODIN 1200w

As you can see, with the cooler fitted, there is plenty of clearance with the Asus's chipset and MOSFET heatsinks. As the cooler is not over sized I cannot envisage many motherboards presenting a problem during the fitting of the Asus Triton 81.

Clearance 4 Clearance 1
 Clearance 3 Night vision

Testing Methodology

I will be testing the Asus Triton 81 on Intel Core i7 processor to assess the heatsinks ability to handle the heat-load of a quad-core, especially since Asus state that the Triton is 'skt1366 ready'. Whilst I appreciate that the Triton 81 is also compatible with lower end CPU's, the Core i7 is renowned for being very toasty so prove to be a very good test of the Tritons cooling capabilities.

Ambient temperature will be taken using a standard mercury thermometer and allowing it time to normalise. Processor idle/load and overclocked temperatures will be obtained using Real Temp 2.70 with the TJmax set to 100c, Each core temperature will be recorded. All testing will be conducted 3 times and an average taken to ensure the uniformity of results. The Intel reference heatsink, and the Asus Triton will be tested, removed, and then re-installed a total of three times to ensure the elimination of any poor mounting issues. The Asus thermal paste will be used on both coolers to eliminate the influences TIM may have on temperatures.

The program we will use to put the CPU under highest load will be IntelBurn Test ver 1.60 by AgentGod:
Linpack by Intel(R) is an extremely stressful program that will put even the most powerful X86/X64 CPU in the world at its knees. Load temp under Linpack will be up to 22*C higher than the competing software Prime95. This program will make usage of Linpack easier and more practical.

While I would have liked to have included more cooler comparisons in the test, this is our first cooler to be compatible on i7 and as such our only basis for comparison is the Intel stock cooler at present.

Ambient temperatures during testing ranged from 22.8 - 23.4 degrees Celsius.

Testing for noise is very subjective and without the correct decibel measuring equipment that is calibrated professionally including any results would be pointless. I have previously commented on the noise the Triton makes when under full load which should suffice.

With the formalities out of the way let's crack on with the testing...

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11-01-2009, 01:04:10

tried this one i found noctuas offering is considerably better...atleast for my i7

Originally Posted by name='webbo'
Looking for a replacement for the stock Intel Cooler? Fancy dabbling in the overclocking dark arts? Maybe Asus have the answer...

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