BitFenix Spectre Pro Range Review

Up Close: 120mm

BitFenix Spectre Pro Range  


Up Close:  120mm Spectre Pro.


140mmSpectre ProSprectre
Speed (RPM)12001000
Airflow (CFM)56.2243.5
Static Pressure (mmH2O)1.240.62
Noise (dB-A)18.918


The 120mm version we're looking at here is actually the Non LED version, but like the rest of the sizes available is also available in a red, blue and white LED variant.  Unlike the LED fans which are made of a semi transparent smoked plastic the non LED has a dense satin black finish to it.  Packaging wise the fans come in a rather classy looking card box with a window the size of the full width of the fan.  The rear of the box details a full list of product features and technical specifications, but being as I've listed them on the first page I'm not going to inflict them on you again. 

BitFenix Spectre Pro Range     BitFenix Spectre Pro Range 

BitFenix Spectre Pro Range     BitFenix Spectre Pro Range


From the rear we can see that BitFenix have employed the technique of using multiple radial fins as a means of achieving a more focused airflow.  With regards to goodies included with the fans you'll get a 7v step down adapter, 4 black fan mounting screws and 4 rubber isolation mounting pins.  With the LED models you also get a wire that attaches the fan to a compatible lighting controller such as the Hydra or the units fitted in certain BitFenix cases.  With the larger fans you also get 4 long mounting bolts to aid mounting in roof and front panel locations.

BitFenix Spectre Pro Range    BitFenix Spectre Pro Range


If like me you're a modder and no matter how nice something looks you can't resist stamping your own personal style on it then the 2 images below are probably the most important in this review.  Why, because the image on the left shows that owing to the Spectre Pros dual frame construction the inner cowling which houses the fan can actually be split from the outer frame of the cowling with very little effort.  Why is this important?  Well if you're a modder you'll know why.  Painting, that's why, it's a heck of a lot easier to paint a fan if you can split it.  With most fans you can at least take the blades off if you're careful, with this fan you can not only take the blades off but split it still further.  The image on the bottom right might look like i've dropped the camera in the process of taking a shot but the image is actually centred on a small 5mm hole.  On the LED versions this hole would be filled with a 5mm LED, on this version it's left empty, which means of course that it's much easier to fit your own LEDs should you be that way inclined.

BitFenix Spectre Pro Range     BitFenix Spectre Pro Range


In use the fan is essentially silent, with the ear up close a very faint whir can be heard but this is to be expected as there is no such thing as a "silent" fan.  Before anyone points out that the fan is on extract at the base of a case I know, i've put it in there purely to make photographing it easier.  

BitFenix Spectre Pro Range     BitFenix Spectre Pro Range

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Most Recent Comments

19-12-2011, 11:27:03

Just a few suggestions:

For the measurement of noise, you could consider using a frequency metre and then convert the sound from decibels to phons, because measuring in phons will take into account how loud we perceive the sound, because different frequencies of the same intensity, won't seem as loud as each other. The frequencies could also affect how loud it will sound from inside the case, because higher frequencies don't diffract as much as lower frequency sounds.

Otherwise good review.Quote

19-12-2011, 12:16:37

Not bad, great as normal case fans but a bit to low on the Static pressure for radiators. I like how they come apart easy though, makes them easier to paint if you wanted to do it Quote

19-12-2011, 14:52:37

I did give some thought to the measurement of sound, but as to do it accurately requires sound proofed rooms etc it was a little impracticalQuote

20-12-2011, 16:17:27

Wow, only 15.1 cfm for the Typhoon 5400, that's pretty weak, I'd have expected at least 115.1 Quote

20-12-2011, 21:09:39

Nice to see people are paying attention, It was of course planted deliberately just to check you guys paid attention to detail Quote

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