Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Review

Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Review

Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Review

What needs to be said from the beginning is that the Cooler Master C700P is not a simple Cosmos clone/re-release, offering a modern take on the company’s iconic Cosmos aesthetic and taking the chassis design into the modern era. 
The C700P is not just an upgraded Cosmos with tempered glass and RGB illumination. Cooler Master has used their traditional Cosmos aesthetic and has created a chassis that has simply left us gobsmacked, offering an attention to detail and a degree of modularity/customisability that is rarely seen in this industry.
What has left us surprised about the Cosmos C700P is how modular the chassis is, allowing users to strip this chassis down to its bare essentials, allowing users to remove the drive bays, PSU shroud, fan mounts and even the case’s motherboard tray, offering the ability for these pieces to be mounted to the chassis one more in several different configurations. 
Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Review
While the base chassis does remind us of NZXT’s H440, the comparison quickly goes away once we remove a few screws and see exactly how many options are available here, with the case coming with the ability to mount the motherboard in a standard, inverted and chimney (90-degree rotated) layouts. 
These mounting options would traditionally require a significant amount of modding, but now it is possible within a few minutes with just a screwdriver. The limits of this chassis are truly defined by your own creativity. 

Anyone who is familiar with the Cosmos series of cases will know that what we mean when we say that this chassis is spacious, offering plenty of room for activities regardless of your PC’s intended use case. Weight wise the chassis on its own is 26.2 kg, giving its users a significant workout to move, especially when a full system is contained within. 


Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Review  

Upgrade options

In its stock configuration, the Cosmos C700P is well equipped, offering support for integrated RGB illumination (which supports 4-pin RGB control solutions), support for a front mounted USB 3.1 Type-C, four USB 3.0 ports and the ability to mount a single 5.25-inch device, two 3.5/2.5-inch devices and two additional 2.5-inch drives.    

The chassis is built primarily from Steel, with a curved tempered glass side panel on its left-hand side. The chassis also comes with two pre-installed 140mm fans at the front and a single 140mm fan in the rear, though the chassis does offer support for up to a total of 9 140/120mm fans in total when upgraded (the stock chassis supports 7 140x120mm fans).  

Cooler Master has designed their Cosmos C700P to come with plenty of upgradability, with the company allowing users to purchase new tempered glass side windows for $/€69.99, additional 3.5-2.5-inch drive bays cost $/€5.99, an additional cooling bracket (for bottom mounted radiator support) costing $/€9.99 and a custom rear panel that will offer an improved external aesthetic when your motherboard is mounted in the case’s chimney (90-degree rotated) configuration. 

These additional parts are available directly from Cooler Master on their webstore. 

 Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Review


Radiator Support

Below is a table that details the water cooling/radiator support of Cooler Master’s Cosmos C700P. Please note that the bottom radiator support of this chassis will require users to buy an aftermarket water cooling bracket, which costs €9.99. 

Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Review


Conclusion & Video

When talking about the Cosmos C700P on of the first things that many will say is that the case is too expensive, with the chassis itself costing £279.99 in the UK without any of its potential add-ons/upgrades. While this is obviously a major downside for this chassis, it is easy to see where your money goes here, with this enclosure offering a premium look, a sturdy construction and more modularity than the vast majority of PC cases on the market.  

With the C700P, Cooler Master is offering users their classic Cosmos style with a chassis design with an insane level of customizability, giving users the ability to mount their motherboards in a large number of potential configurations while giving builders enough space to build their systems with almost no restrictions. 

The Cosmos series of cases are iconic within PC building circles, especially within the modding community. From the get-go Cooler Master designed this chassis with feedback from members of their community, eventually moving from a MasterConcept prototype to eventually become the chassis that we have been looking at today. Cooler Master’s attention to detail and their ability to respond positively to feedback has allowed this chassis to truly shine, offering an unprecedented level of customisability while maintaining the same iconic Cosmos aesthetic. 

Cooler Master has really raised the bar when it comes to the construction quality of this chassis, offering a unique curved tempered glass side panel, strong Aluminium handles for easy handling (if you can handle the sheer mass of this chassis) and integrated RGB lighting that highlights the otherwise monochrome design of the C700P. These RGB lights can also be integrated with your systems internal RGB lighting setup to create a unique lighting experience, allowing Cooler Master’s Tron-like external lighting to match your other RGB components. 

While this chassis is easily one of the most expensive on the market, it is clear to see that this high cost has resulted in some next-level case design from Cooler Master, offering very little to complain about outside of pricing. 

Yes, there are a few things that we don’t like about the chassis (see the video below) but none of them is a dealbreaker. The customisation options of this chassis allow the parts we dislike to be removed, or modded to suit your specific needs.

This chassis is a real return to form from Cooler Master, bringing them back to the days of, well… the original Cosmos. Few cases leave us this excited, leaving our minds in a constant state of flux as we imagine all of the possibilities that this chassis offers. This makes the C700P thoroughly deserving of OC3D’s Enthusiast Grade award. 



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