CoolIT Freezone Elite CPU Cooler


The temperatures seen on the previous page are fairly inconsistent with those seen from typical cooling devices. The Freezone Elite achieves fantastic idle temperatures, pulling the CPU down to just 16oC. This did, however require full power, which in turn created a huge amount of noise from the massive Panaflow fan and caused light condensation to form on the TEC covers and CPU block. The fact that these temperatures then swing in quite the opposite direction when introduced to load highlights what I would state as an inability to handle load.
The CPU used in this test was a simple, low powered, dual-core chip. After reading claims on the packaging that the unit is designed for todays high powered, quad-core CPU's, I was anxious to see whether the test CPU would be of use. Having seen the results obtained with an overclock nearly 700 MHz shy of what the little chip is actually capable of, I would say the unit has been pushed well enough.
While set to a target temp of around 15 degrees, with stock settings, the cooler manages to hold temperatures at an acceptable level with a very comfortable amount of noise, and would be ideal for a low powered computer in constant use such as an HTPC or in-home server.
The cooler is certainly very well made and is a quality piece of kit. Taking up little more space than todays high end air cooling solutions, the Elite is certainly a good idea for those not willing, or not able to use watercooling. It just has to be realised that TEC technology is not an efficient method of cooling - the amount of power used and heat generated clearly does not justify the temperatures we have seen. The cooler certainly performs better than advanced air cooling, but with load handling worse than results I have seen using water on a similar setup, I'm really not sure how on-target a price tag of around £300 is.
Nevertheless, the unit certainly does have its place in the market and for those with deep pockets, the unit is available at Overclockers UK.
The Good
- Compact
- Very well made
- Capable of very low noise output
The Mediocre
- Power draw
- Load handling
- CPU block finish
- Fiddly installation and lots of wires
The Bad
- Price
Overclock3D Innovation Award
Thanks to CoolIT for providing the Freezone Elite for review. Discuss this review in our forums
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Most Recent Comments

21-05-2008, 20:37:12

Seen those, love the idea of TEC cooling, got me thinking about doing something of my own, but then i realised how much money would be needed and thought against it. XD

From some other reviews i read, that thing sounds like a rocket taking off on full load, and that price tag?!?!? DAMN!!! no thanks.Quote

21-05-2008, 21:44:33

Mr. Smith
[email protected]; they can barely handle a low end dual core oc'd and they cost a fortune.

Thumbs down.Quote

21-05-2008, 22:31:54

£250 = ouch.

If it was competitively priced I think people would drum up even curious interest, I probably would.Quote

22-05-2008, 00:00:09

What a horrible horrible finish on the block... That's unacceptable at £250.Quote

22-05-2008, 08:17:37

Yea I dont really get whats going on there, low performance is one thing and there certainly is a market for it (although its probably priced itself out of that market) but a decent finish on the CPU block is the least you can hope for at that price. £5 Akasa coolers manage a better surface

It's an odd one because it really is fantastically well put together and has a lot of potential, just falls short in one too many important areas. I was speaking to Jim about it pre-publish and we both thought it was odd that the pelt is used to cool the water rather than to cool the CPU directly and the coolant / heatsink system used to cool the TEC Quote

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