Corsair 570X RGB Premium Tempered Glass Case Review

Corsair 570X RGB Premium Tempered Glass Case Review

Corsair 570X RGB Premium Tempered Glass Case review

Corsair 570X RGB Premium Tempered Glass Case Review

When it comes to the use of tempered glass in PC cases, most manufacturers have opted to simply add a tempered-glass window to their existing case designs. This has severely limited the material's use in most PCs, turning it into a simple marketing tickbox rather than a material that can cause some real innovation in the custom PC market.
When designing the 570X Corsair has decided to design a new case from the ground up with glass in mind, allowing it to have a real impact on case design rather than simply chucking it on the side, allowing this case to have some innovative cable management features and make this one of the most RGB friendly cases around, especially with its three bundled SP120 RGB fans and the case's integrated RGB controller. 

Corsair 570X RGB Premium Tempered Glass Case review  Corsair 570X RGB Premium Tempered Glass Case review


In terms of both design and pricing, the 570X is a chassis that stands above the 460X RGB, coming in at £179. The case features four total tempered glass panels on the left and right side panels, on the front and the top of the chassis.

The major upside of this design choice is that this makes the design of this case very consistent, regardless of what angle you look at it, though the obvious downside is that it will force PC builders to use their cable management skills to their fullest potential. While to some the ability to show off their impeccable cable management may be an upside, too many this will be a major turn off, especially if you want to build your PC quickly. 

One new feature of this chassis is that it has a unique cable management cover which will restrain cabled that are behind the motherboard tray's grommeted section, holding the cables securely in place while preventing the cable mass from exerting force on or scratching the tempered glass side panels. Behind the motherboard tray, there is also space for two 3.5" drive bays and two 2.5" drive bays, making this chassis ideal for the storage configurations of most modern PC builders. 


Corsair 570X RGB Premium Tempered Glass Case review


Another feature that Corsair has added with the 570X is that the case fully supports the companies SP120 RGB LED fans, with a control unit built into the chassis and three control buttons at the top of the case to control the systems LED colour, lighting effect and the speed of the lighting changes. This is a unique feature to Corsair's new 460X and 570X cases.  

Water cooling wise, the case does support a front mounted 360mm radiator, with the ability to support an 80mm thick radiator with push/pull fans without interfering with any modern GPUs. We would advise that users use a 60mm radiator to have more space for a tube reservoir, with the case offering plenty of space at the bottom for a pump. Strangely the roof could fit a 360mm radiator too and the removable panel front the front does fit up in the roof too, yet Corsair have (strangely for them) decided not to have this as a standard option.


Corsair 570X RGB Premium Tempered Glass Case review  



Today's PC gamers have a very love-hate relationship with tempered glass, especially given the recent influx of tempered glass cases into the market. 

There is no doubt that tempered glass side panels are in high demand, but the main criticism of a lot of recent case designs is that the addition of tempered glass does not really add much to the chassis as a whole, apart from providing consumers with a larger case window which is clearer with traditional acrylic windows.  

With the 570X Corsair has taken the use of tempered glass to its natural conclusion, not only using tempered glass for the cases side panels but for also on the cases front and top panels. This design decision works perfectly with Corsair's SP120 RGB LED fans, highlighting the benefits of a clear front panel and allows RGB illumination to be used to its fullest potential.

The use of tempered glass has also prompted Corsair to change their approach to cable management, adding a cable securing mechanism to hide some of your cable clutter and prevent any of your cables from scratching or exerting pressure on your tempered glass side panels.

Our only major criticism of this chassis is that the case's side panels do not sit flush with the case, leaving a small  gap where air can exit and enter the chassis, which may allow some unnecessary dust to enter the system. It would have been preferable for Corsair to have a thin foam strip around the chassis instead of small rubber washers, as this would prevent any air from entering the system unfiltered. 

In all the Corsair 570X brings RGB illumination and the use of tempered glass in PCs to a whole new level, offering an aesthetic that is unmatched by almost any other chassis on the market. The Corsair 570X cannot win anything other than the OC3D Exceptional Aesthetics Award, as while the heavy use of tempered glass may be controversial to some, you cannot argue that Corsair has created a chassis that is nothing short of phenomenal.  

Corsair 570X RGB Premium Tempered Glass Case review  

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21-11-2016, 14:11:52

For a case that has "premium" in the name is sure does look cheap. I don't feel that Corsair has found their real style of cases (eventhough they dont make bad cases). I feel like they are just following trends and have nothing that makes them stand out stylewise or functionwise.Quote

21-11-2016, 14:39:31

It looks better in the video tbh. I love it, all apart from that hex frame. It's just too busy and detracts from the gorgeous glass. Shame, maybe you could mod it?

Edit. Within three minutes you'd taken it out Tom lol. Just a dust filter, those would have to go.Quote

21-11-2016, 15:07:28

But the 460X looks like a very good dealQuote

21-11-2016, 15:26:28

I like it a lot, IMO better in real

but cant post pics, don't have same NDA as reviewer

good quality

21-11-2016, 15:37:09

Originally Posted by snef View Post
I like it a lot, IMO better in real

but cant post pics, don't have same NDA as reviewer

good quality
Mmmmmmmm, yummy.

I can't wait to see more.Quote

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