Corsair H70 Review

What's in the box?

Corsair H70 Review

What's in the Box?

The H50 box was nicely designed, but suffered from incredibly thin plastic holding it all together. It was perfect if you never wanted to put the cooler back in the box, but an absolute nightmare if you did. Straight away the H70 is an improvement with egg-box style cardboard keeping the whole arrangement nicely in place and making it as easy to store as you could hope.

The front certainly stands out leaving nobody in any doubt of what is in the box. Although we can't wait to hear the "I expected it to have some RAM in there" thanks to the cheeky use of a stick of Dominator in the picture.

Corsair H70 Review     Corsair H70 Review  

The universal mounting system is identical to that which we saw on the H50. It was so simple to use there that we're pleased to see Corsair haven't tinkered for the sake of it. So often we find things work perfectly well and then get needlessly changed for the sake of change. Anyone who's tried a one-sided webcam conversation on the new Windows Live knows what we mean.

As well as two of Corsairs fans we also have some adaptors in the box. There are two with in-line resistors for fan speed reduction, and a y-splitter so you can run both fans off one header. Very welcome additions to the package.

Corsair H70 Review     Corsair H70 Review  

Here it is in all its glory. The difference between this and the H50 is instantly noticable. The radiator is 50mm thick, twice the thickness of the H50, and once you get both the fans on there it certainly will be a fair lump to install.

Flipping the size thing around, the heatsink/pump combination is greatly reduced in height.

Corsair H70 Review     Corsair H70 Review  

The largest annoyance when trying to fit the H50 was how inflexible it all was. Installing the heatsink meant having the radiator flapping about and hitting you in the arm/side of the head. If you installed the radiator first then the pump would be waving around in the air. Although the tubing isn't enormously more flexible, there is at least a little more suppleness to the H70s arrangement.

The best improvement though is the addition of rotating fittings which really help not only installation but also radiator placement. With some ITX or mATX cases you could mount the radiator at the front now, which makes far more sense considering Corsair want you to use it as an intake and not an exhaust.

Corsair H70 Review     Corsair H70 Review

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Most Recent Comments

11-08-2010, 01:28:15

Nice one Tom. Thanks for the review !

Looks like it will be another cult-esque success tbh, ideal for people who want water cooling for its cool factor (*groan*) but don't want to get into something that may leak and needs constant attention.

Hopefully one day (cough cough hint hint) Corsair will consider making something similar for GPUs. I would rush out to get something like this that fitted my 5770s.

I do have a criticism with this unit though. The hoses.

With my specific case (the Alienware Predator 2) the unit really needs to be in the front. The hoses simply are not long enough. Corsair know this too as many people have a similar issue to myself. Maybe in the future they can make two models. One for front mounting and one for rear.Quote

11-08-2010, 10:33:17

Cool review

Sounds like you were suffering a bit with man-flu tho

The radiator seems massive and it sounded pretty loud when you put the camera near the test station.

For nearly £100 it seems pretty expensive

I have seen the H50 for £50-60 so would guess a lot of people would just buy that instead.

I'm thinking of building a custom watercooled rig at the moment so seeing this review has made me think a little more (in favour of getting a proper custom loop)

Also the H50/H70 don't seem to have the ability to compete with any proper watercooling setups, if anything they seem to be a replacement for air coolers.Quote

11-08-2010, 12:15:35

Not much an improvement over the H50 and it takes a big chunk out of your case, to be honest the NH-D14 is still king of the game anyway hope you get better Tom and drink lots of liquids it reduces the time the flu virus can stay in your body.


12-08-2010, 10:51:07

the h70 beats the h50 lol and even the dh14Quote

12-08-2010, 12:33:27

Originally Posted by AMDFTW View Post

the h70 beats the h50 lol and even the dh14
No where near the D14 mate sorry.Quote

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