EK Nucleus CR240 Lux White RGB Review

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EK Nucleus CR240 Lux White RGB Review

Conclusion - This is the best 240mm AIO that we have tested to date

Let's make one thing clear here. EK's Nucleus CR360 Lux CPU liquid cooler rocked our socks off when we reviewed it earlier this year (read our review here), so its safe to say that expectations were high when EK's White Nucleus CR240 Lux entered our offices. We were not disappointed. 

If you look at our thermal charts, you will see that the EK Nucleus White CR240 Lux is the best performing 240mm all-in-one CPU liquid cooler that we have ever tested when using this unit's top fan speeds. Yes, this unit does trade blows with the ASUS ROG Ryujin III 240mm at lower fan RPMs, but with a much quieter fan and a much lower price point, EK has secured a solid win here. 

Regarding pump noise, there is not much to talk about here. At the highest pump speeds, EK's Nucleus series is very quiet, only being noticeable by us when the room is quiet and we are listening very carefully over it. If you like listening to music, the radio, or a podcast while using your PC, you will never hear this cooler's pump. That's how quiet this AIO is. In contrast, we always were able to hear the pump of the Ryujin III...

If you have the space for a larger radiator inside your case and the budget to upgrade to the Nucleus' CR360 model, it is the better liquid cooler. Why? Physics! Larger liquid cooler have larger radiators, giving them more surface area to dissipate heat, more fans (or larger fans) to push cool air though the unit, and a larger thermal mass of coolant to heat up. That said, not everyone can fit a larger radiator inside their case, and EK's Nucleus CR240 Lux White excels within the 240mm radiator form factor. 

EK Nucleus CR240 Lux White RGB Review

So, EK's Nucleus CR240 Lux White CPU cooler is a solid performer, but what about its aesthetics? Let's start by saying that EK has done a great job ensuring that their painted, powder coated and plastic components all are a matching shade of white. That may sound like a basic thing to comment on, but if you are into painting or have had anything to do with product design, you will know that colour matching white parts can be a chaotic experience. EK worked hard to get this right, and we will praise them for it. 

EK's White Nucleus series coolers are great looking pieces of kit, and CR240 Lux cooler offers users strong Addressable RGB lighting options. Better still, these options do not require you to buy into any specific RGB ecosystem. Beyond that, fan cabling is a breeze with this AIO, as EK allows you to daisy chain your fans and condense RGB and fan control to two cables. No more cable spaghetti to control your AIO's fans! We loved this factor for this cooler's 360mm CR360 model, and the same is true for EK's CR240 Lux. EK's Nucleus CR240 Lux White is an easy winner of the OC3D Exceptional aesthetics award. 

If you are looking for a 240mm liquid cooler, EK's Nucleus CR240 Lux is the best CPU cooler in its class. That said, if you want the best cooling performance, you will want to upgrade to the CR360. 

EK Nucleus CR240 Lux White RGB Review

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Most Recent Comments

14-03-2023, 21:09:36

I like the white cable addition unlike some other companies, when my current 1 needs a change I'd like the 360 one in whiteQuote

14-03-2023, 21:31:42

Very pretty. And a good price too. People really don't need sideways screens in their AIOs.Quote

14-03-2023, 22:23:22

One of these in black might be a thing when needed, as last time i messed around with my CPU it came out with the pump and i dont wanna risk that ahead of time

Thou with that said i just saw the price on amazon LUL I'll stick with the lower end sadly Quote

15-03-2023, 08:55:41

Is there even any downside to daisy chaining the fan cables?Quote

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