Gamer Storm Dukase Liquid Case Review

The Build

Gamer Storm Dukase Liquid Case Review  

The Build

The instructions that come with the Dukase are sadly lacking, and don't really revel to you many of the details within the case.  If you're an experienced system builder, this won't be an issue, but if you happen to be popping you PC build cherry with this case then there's going to be a lot of fumbling in the dark going on.

Gamer Storm Dukase Liquid Case Review  


The instructions might not be much cop, but you do get one heck of a lot of accessories with this case.  At the time we took the picture we hadn't fully discovered the second accessories pouch, and were poised to make a pointed quip about the single cable tie.  In reality, you get a more than generous quota of ties.  Added to this is are the usual allotment of motherboard and drive bay screws, along with the mounting brackets for the integrated AIO.  There's also a self adhesive case badge, and a four port fan extender which also has a self adhesive base.

Gamer Storm Dukase Liquid Case Review  


The bottom of the case is cut so as to allow 170mm long PSUs to be accommodated.  As you can see from the image below, there's some real precision engineering going on here, as you couldn't get a gnat's wedding tackle in that gap.  There is though a problem....

Gamer Storm Dukase Liquid Case Review  


And that prblem is that whoever told the design team to allow 170mm didn't explain that PSU's have switches and power sockets on the back.  So basically the depth allowed is 170mm, but a 170mm PSU isn't actually 170mm long.  To be honest, this is a real school boy error, and in this day and age is simply in excusable.  And before you ask, yes we did try various methods of trying to wiggle it in from different angles and in simple terms, it just doesn't fit.  We have to say that we rerally find it hard to believe that a PC case can be brought o market with such a gaping error in its design.  Why didn't someone pick this up in the design stage, or at least in Alpha testing.  "hey Boss, you're not going to like this, but you know how the case is meant to take a 170mm PSU?  Well, actually it can't"

Gamer Storm Dukase Liquid Case Review  


 Fortunately we still have the Riotoro PSU to hand, which fits just fine.  Do beware though that if your PSU is 170mm long, or longer, no amount of wiggling will get it into this case.

Gamer Storm Dukase Liquid Case Review  


Having installed the motherboard, it's time to install the integrated cooling system.  When we say install, in fact all you have to do is attach the cold plate to the CPU, as the rest is already pre installed.  The procedure is the same whether it's Intel or AMD, and the system does cater for the very latest chips.  In simple terms it's a bracket either ind, with the cold plate then being secured via mounts at either end as per the pictures below.

Gamer Storm Dukase Liquid Case Review  


We have to say, that even though the hardware we use isn't particularly colour coded, we do like the red on black effect.  That, combined with the plethora of LEDs that lurk inside the Dukase should see quite an amazing effect when it's powered up.

Gamer Storm Dukase Liquid Case Review  


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Most Recent Comments

12-10-2017, 20:10:49

"Quality issues aside, we suspect this case will sell quite well,especially to those wanting the simplest route possible into water cooling."

To quote the ending: I would avoid this case like the plague. Simply for the issues you mentioned in the article. If I was a newb at building a pc and thought oh cool...yeah if I found this article my reaction would change from "oh cool" to..."wait its just screws for the AIO? I can do that!"

I know its not an AIO and is an extended AIO, using the article words, but like...just no! To many issues to deal with and bother with.

Also while the price isn't bad, again this case has far to many little problems for a case of that price point. In my opinion I would never buy or even recommend this case- Its a GREAT idea...but the design of the case kills it.Quote

13-10-2017, 08:24:02

Really does seem like they have tried to recycle old stock cases and sell them as a new product.
90mm exhaust fan mounts? who even uses those these days?

But those fan blades. Never seen anything like them before. Would love to see some tests done on that design. Looks like it would provide increased direct flow but generate a little more noise. I would hazard a guess that they have taken an average airline plane design to increase airflow over the blades. You see planes extend the flaps for the stability. Wonder how it behaves in a closed environment with Static pressure.Quote

13-10-2017, 08:37:14

Reading this review started with an astonished "What is this?!" and ended with a rather disgusted "What is this?!"...

I thought the hot glue seriously were spider webs at first sight...

Nice idea and deserves the innovation award, but other than that... Meh. Especially the PSU issue made me facepalm so loud, my colleagues two bureaus down the hallway could hear it.Quote

13-10-2017, 09:21:48

This is horrific. It looks nice from the outside, but it's actually horrific. And I am so triggered by those optical and floppy drive slots.Quote

13-10-2017, 09:28:20

You are paying for the cooler, case comes free. The metal looks extremely thin, no cable room which points to a reskin of an old design and so on. I do like the braided hose and flow meters though, that is a nice touch.

But yeah, the photos alone make me want to avoid it.Quote

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