Raijintek Triton Review

Up Close: The Pump/Reservoir

Raijintek Triton Review

Up Close:  The Pump/Reservoir

The pump is a bit of a chunky monkey.  Weighing in at 38x56x39mm it's going to dominate your socket area.  The body of the pump is formed from clear acrylic, and as we'll see later there are white LEDs inside so as to illuminate it during use.

Raijintek Triton Review     Raijintek Triton Review


Fittings identical to those on the radiator are positioned on the lower border of the pump top, while up in the opposite corner resides an easily removable filler cap.  All the fittings are chromed and feel to be of reasonable quality.  Finally the top of the pump has a thin black sheet of what appears to be adhesive plastic attached to it onto which the Raijintek logo is printed.

Raijintek Triton Review     Raijintek Triton Review


The Copper contact plate is finished in highly reflective chrome.  However, as the distortion to the reflected circular camera lens shows, it's not actually that flat a surface.

Raijintek Triton Review     Raijintek Triton Review  


As the Triton comes with a selection of three primary coloured dyes we thought it'd be a shame not to use at least one of them.  Be warned, a little goes a long way so if you're planning a blend, for example Purple made from Red and Blue it's best to add a little at a time.  It's also worth bearing in mind that the stuff stains.  Raijintek don't say how to remove it from white back drop cloth, but we're hoping a good hot wash will do the trick.  It also stained our fingers pink for two days!

Raijintek Triton Review     Raijintek Triton Review  

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Most Recent Comments

20-02-2015, 16:35:49

Excluding the quality issues that some people have had with them I really quite want to get my hands on one, albeit only for the pump.

Pump+(green)acrylic tubing+ 120mm rad (because thats the only one I can fit) and you've got a great looking AIO. Albeit the single most expensive 120mm AIO ever made..Quote

20-02-2015, 16:39:36

Nothing about the use of an aluminium radiator with copper block ? Galvanic corrosion will occur, NM the anti corrosion liquid aditive it will occur over time.Quote

20-02-2015, 16:49:26

Originally Posted by boulard83 View Post
Nothing about the use of an aluminium radiator with copper block ? Galvanic corrosion will occur, NM the anti corrosion liquid aditive it will occur over time.
Common misconception with modern coolants it wont happen - they would need to be touching and even then its very rare with the modern additives.Quote

20-02-2015, 18:19:03

I'll get this plus a pair of NFF-12s and hopefully the 8350 will remain cool enoughQuote

20-02-2015, 18:35:11

Seems like a good option,with a fan change, for some of the stupidly small cases that are appearing.Quote

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