Tuniq TX-2 Thermal Paste



So how well did Tuniq's TX-2 thermal paste perform in our review today?

One particular area that TX-2 performed exceptionally well in was the fact that it is able to give a very satisfactory performance straight out of the syringe.

To be honest, I find the 200 hours that Arctic Silver 5 takes to fully cure quite an annoyance. I want the ability to have my cake and to eat it too. Tuniq TX-2 thermal paste will give you this, which is evident from the performance graphs. Not only did it outperform Arctic Silver 5 at idle temperatures, it still managed to keep up with the favourite at load temperatures.

After allowing the Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste time to cure, and like-wise for the Tuniq TX-2; Tuniq's thermal paste still managed to perform just as admirably as the AS5. Quite simply, Tuniq TX-2 will provide identical performance to AS5, whilst being a little easier to apply.

One area that I'm a little unsure of is how the Tuniq TX-2 thermal paste may perform over time. Whilst I'm loathe to include an unknown as a negative, I think that the products molecular stability over a lengthy duration of use is an unknown, and as such warrants some thought. Will the different molecular make-up of the TX-2 lead to drying out or cracking over time...I guess that only time will tell. Arctic Silver 5 on the other hand has a proven track record.

From a pricing perspective, Tuniq's TX-2 is priced at exactly the same price-point as AS5, and so there is absolutely no reason for you to not give it a try. Newegg has the Tuniq TX-2 thermal paste available from US$5.99

Let's have a look at the breakdown:

The Good
• Performance equal to that of AS5
• Comparitively priced
• Ease of application

The Mediocre
• Unproven stability over time.

The Bad
• Nothing to report

Subsequently, I have chosen to award Tuniq's TX-2 thermal paste the Overclock3D.net 'Recommended Award'.

Recommended Award

A special thank you goes out to Tuniq for supplying the review sample

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Most Recent Comments

01-10-2007, 11:11:37

Mr. Smith
A poor attempt at that.

Heatpipes ftlQuote

01-10-2007, 16:00:31

I am sorry, but I fail to see the difference between this and the standard card.Quote

01-10-2007, 16:03:19

Originally Posted by name='Nagaru'
I am sorry, but I fail to see the difference between this and the standard card.
Me either, but i an't sorry about it.

If AMD want to sell them then they need to cut the price by £70-100. Not stick a differeent hs on.Quote

01-10-2007, 16:11:39

is the GT lower than the Pro in terms of performance?Quote

01-10-2007, 16:46:28

Mr. Smith
Originally Posted by name='ichiban'
is the GT lower than the Pro in terms of performance?
Article says... Yes.Quote

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