We built an NZXT H5 Flow Elite – Revisiting NZXT’s H5 Flow

We built an NZXT H5 Flow Elite - Revisiting NZXT's H5 Flow


We built our H5 Elite Flow because we knew that NZXT’s standard H5 Flow chassis has potential that is waiting to be unlocked. We wanted to see this case with more/better fans, and we wanted to see what an Elite series H5 chassis would look like with a meshed front panel. To say the least we are impressed with what we have built.

If they aren’t already, NZXT needs to consider creating and launching an actual H5 Flow Elite chassis, as this case delivers on all fronts. It has airflow, it looks great, and it ready for even the beefiest of gaming systems. If a case like this shipped with a similar price to their existing glass-fronted H5 Elite, we would be very happy with that.

With our additional testing we have showcased the benefits of NZXT’s new bottom-mounted ‘toilet fan’ intake. It has an notable impact on GPU thermals, and that’s a big deal when GPUs like Nvidia’s RTX 4090 can consume a whopping 450 watts of power. Airflow matters, and NZXT’s H5 Flow can deliver, if it has the right fans installed.

We built an NZXT H5 Flow Elite - Revisiting NZXT's H5 Flow

For owners and purchasers of NZXTs H5 Flow, you should be able to achieve great thermal results if you add a few front-mounted intake fans. Take advantage of the H5 Flow’s mesh front panel and give your hardware the airflow it deserves. If you don’t like RGB fans, you don’t need to go down that route.

With our customised H5 Elite Flow chassis, we have showcased the potential of NZXT’s new H5 frame and an idea for a new model that NZXT should seriously consider making. Seriously guys, the NZXT H5 Flow Elite needs to happen! There are a lot of PC builders who want something that offers a blend of the H5 Elite and the H5 Flow, and if you guys can offer that out of the box, people will buy it, and reviewers will love it too.

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