MSI B350 Tomahawk AM4 Motherboard Review

MSI B350 Tomahawk Review


Ryzen has proven extremely popular, pushing great results at affordable prices. 

However, we know that whilst we all dream of the high end setups, the reality is that most people tend to buy the middle range model. In the same way that we all look at the 80 inch televisions and buy the 50 inch ones, so it holds true in PC Hardware where we might all look at a the premium models and then our finances force us to compromise with as near as we can get.

If you’ve been looking at the X370 motherboards we’ve been testing here at OC3D then you’ll know that this latest AMD chipset brings a lot of performance and features to the market at very competitive prices, but perhaps those prices are a little too steep. If so, then the B350 chipset might be just the thing, with only a few features missing from the flagship models. Today we have the B350 Tomahawk from MSI, a motherboard which comes at an extremely impressive, and indeed attractive, price point of only £110. Does it still provide plenty of performance thrills?

Technical Specifications

Usually with the ‘next chipset down’ motherboards there are a lot of compromises made to achieve a more affordable price point. However, with the B350 in Tomahawk guise there is very little to pick between it and the big cahuna X370 motherboards. In fact as far as we can tell the only differences are that the B350 only has a single M.2 slot, and it has no multi-GPU technology so that means no AMD Crossfire or nVidia SLI.

Otherwise the Tomahawk looks to be a motherboard for all occasions, including a BIOS tuned towards the gamers that will be the main consumers of this more affordable home for the Ryzen CPUs.  

MSI B350 Tomahawk Review