Asus P6T Deluxe X58 OC Palm Edition Motherboard



It's clear from the outset that the Asus P6T Deluxe is a quality product. Not only is the package well thought out and very well presented as per usual Asus standards, the motherboard itself is a masterpiece of current PC technology. Comprising the latest Intel chipset, triple DDR3 and the option of either SLI or Crossfire, it shouldn't matter whether you prefer the red or green camp, either way you are going to win with the Asus P6T Deluxe.

The OC Palm only adds to the allure of the package and I certainly was not expecting the usefulness of the product. Couple this with the excellent BIOS, software package and power saving features of the Asus board and you have a very rounded, if somewhat expensive product.

If there was a single criticism I could aim at the P6T, it would be the proximity of the PCIe slots. I cannot see the sense in populating the board with 2 PCI slots next to each other and then cramming 2 PCIe slots together at the bottom of the board. If I were a cynic then I would think that Asus were forcing people who want tri SLI/Crossfire to buy the Rampage II Extreme or one of the heavily anticipated Evolution boards. That said, if you have no intention of using triple graphics cards then this is a non issue.

The benchmarks we ran today were perhaps a little unfair on the P6T Deluxe as the Nvidia setup was using a top of the range CPU, whereas the Asus had to 'make do' with entry level i7. Nonetheless, I think it showed the potential of the motherboard and I have no doubts that if the two setups were compared clock for clock or at their maximum overclocked speeds, the P6T would easily come out on top. For now though it's our only basis of comparison but stay tuned because a tasty Gigabyte motherboard has just arrived at OC3D towers which will give a better insight to just how good or bad the P6T deluxe really is among the current crop of X58 motherboards.

The Good
- OC Palm
- Overclocking

The Mediocre
- No onboard CMOS reset switch
- On board audio

The Bad
- PCIe positioning

It's very difficult to give out an award for the P6T Deluxe as the product has yet to have a direct comparison but based on todays review, I have no hesitation on recommending the product. Once the board has had a comparative review I will add any awards and adjust the current score as appropriate.

Buy the Asus P6T Deluxe from our retail partner Ebuyer for £275.

Thanks to Asus for providing the P6T Deluxe OC Palm edition for todays review. Discuss in our forums.
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Most Recent Comments

08-12-2008, 00:32:08

Nice review mate..

Hopefully now that one is nailed down it'll be easier to review when more boards come.

Was that the maximum stable overclock you could get or were you just happy to get there and call it a day?Quote

08-12-2008, 11:35:00


Great review, mate!

I was very astonished, that the s775 sometimes can match or even overrun the new socket. Nevertheless the new platform is a great performer, but I don't think that the time has come to upgrade to it, maybe next year . I would love to see how the new i7 performs against the new phenom 2 that are coming, because there are great things you hear about the overclocking performance of the new AMD's. Hope you will get a phenom 2 sample fast and compare these two.

And again, congrats for the great review.

Have a nice day.Quote

08-12-2008, 14:18:36

It`s doing a decent job. Nothing proud of a new socket tho.

I can see that the areas it does exel in are more than likely down to the tri-channel over dual channel.

I can't recommend them on this showing, but I still see this as part of the 1st round of mobos. The fact that it holds it`s own, with the exception of older graphic benchmarkers which dont mean much, means that whatever is to come should be that much better.

It`s a great review, like to see the Intel 4 Series ICH10R up against it tho as opposed to nVidia.Quote

08-12-2008, 22:30:13

Cheers for the feedback as ever guys.

The overclock was the max possible at the time of review. For whatever reason it wouldn't budge much over 200 but the rumours are that using a lower multi and higher Bclk helps, sadly this info came too late but rest assured, I will update when I get to test the mobo again as it looks like it could be the base for our new i7 test rigs.

We chose to pitch it against the NVidia chipset as it is the only chipset where we could have DDR3 aswell as having the capability to underclock the DDR3 to 1600mhz to best match the 1600 Corsair so comparisons could be made with dual vs triple channel ram. Intel chipsets would mean messing with the FSB and multi's of the QX9770 which inevitably would result in an unfair stock vs stock comparison of the CPU's.

It's always going to be hard reviewing a product with no legitimate comparative product. I could have copped out and just reviewed the P6T against itself, stock vs overclocked which is the norm but I thought everyone would have appreciated some results people they could relate to. Not many folk have the QX9770 granted, but it makes interesting reading having the top skt775 vs the entry i7, at least I hope it does.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Gigabyte EX58-UD5 review coming very soon .Quote

09-12-2008, 12:20:45

Cracking review...I'm still holding off for a whilst though...i'm hoping the phenom II's may push the price down...but its very impressive for a new socket utilising new tech...especially when you look at the entry/high end level does show that the price is warranted...but lets hope AMD step in the ring a bit beefier then last time...Quote

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