ASUS Rampage III Extreme Review World First


ASUS Rampage III  Extreme Review


Despite this being a very early preview model, it nonetheless arrived here at OC3D Towers in retail packaging, so this will be how it arrives with you too.

External Packaging

ASUS have kept their distinctive packaging we saw on the Maximus III Extreme and it's nothing if not easily recognisable. The front comes with two Velcro fasteners so that you can life the lid and get a good look at the Rampage III Extreme itself. Thankfully we're not limited to merely looking longingly, so let's open her up.

ASUS Rampage III Extreme Review World First     ASUS Rampage III Extreme Review Box  

Once out the box there are two further black boxes. One with a hard plastic lid containing the mobo, and one with all the accessories.

ASUS Rampage III Extreme Review Motherboard  


As we'd expect from any ASUS product, let alone their top of the line model, the accessories included are bountiful. We have the user guide and CD, the IO shield, a ROG Connect cable (more on which later) and the Bluetooth ROG Connect should you have a Bluetooth PDA to hand.

ASUS Rampage III Extreme Review ROG     ASUS Rampage III  Extreme Review Features

A full selection of connectors is included, with a Crossfire, SLI and hard Tri-SLI bridge. We also have the connectors for ProbeIt and the front-panel block. One thing we do wish is that ASUS would decide exactly what it's called. Both the Maximus III Extreme and now the Rampage III Extreme have the voltage monitoring section called either ProbeIt or Probelt, depending upon where you read.

Other than that we have the standard SATA cables and USB header.

ASUS Rampage III Extreme Review Overclocking     ASUS Rampage III  Extreme Review Close up

Finally an additional heatsink and 40mm fan for the Northbridge, should you require additional cooling. It's nice to see ASUS have kept the design similar to the board rather than use an off-the-shelf part that doesn't match.

ASUS Rampage III  Extreme Review Northbridge fan

Here is a quick look at the board in all its glory before we move on to get a closer look.

ASUS Rampage III Extreme Review accessories

Mmmm isn't she a beauty. Fancy a bit of macro goodness?

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Most Recent Comments

26-03-2010, 12:28:31

Wow. Dear santa... Quote

26-03-2010, 13:54:11

man that is just amazing and i agree i totally love that ROG connect countless times ive been in windows when ive noticed in gettin bad vdroop and thot have to reboot to up the vcore a little this will totally eliminate things like thatQuote

26-03-2010, 22:45:51

Great review Tom, appreciate the time you have put into it. A note though, on some of your graphs you have changed the scale to exaggerate the difference. Imo the scales should go from 0 throughout the article. One of the graphs at a glance appears to have a 'Massive'difference between the two boards but the results are 8.91 and 8.52 respectively.

Just a thought.

EDIT: Just watch your vid, very comprehensive on all the 'little' features.

Did you note the temperature of the x58 chip? Would anyone need to use the supplied large heatsink+fan jobby?Quote

26-03-2010, 22:53:07

Our graphing software automatically scales, and if it begins at 0 all the time we'll need three monitor setups for CPU Queen results Quote

27-03-2010, 09:15:42

Nice review m8. I'm liking the videos!

I'm not so sure about the graphs not starting from zero though as not doing this can make the differences between the two products exagerated, especially at a glance. It does however emphasize those differences so its horses for courses I guess.

I'm still not sold on the heatsinks or the colour scheme. Both are good looking but nothing innovating or exciting which we have come to expect from market leaders such as Asus. I guess I'd prefer something a bit more original for such an expensive piece of hardware and not a clone of the classifieds look.

Keep up the good work Quote

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