ASUS Rampage III Gene Review


ASUS Rampage III  Gene Review


So to continue the theme from our introduction, does the Rampage III Gene still have the same genetics as the Rampage III Extreme that won our hearts, or is it more of a red-headed stepchild?

Clearly, as our results indicate, it most certainly deserves the Republic of Gamers branding and Rampage III nomenclature.

To go back to the Rampage III Extreme for a moment, it's a thing of beauty. A wonder. Something we aspire to. We all, and those of us here at OC3D are no different, like to look at a manufacturers premium product, sigh a little with desire, and then look down the list for the more affordable alternative that doesn't leave us eating beans on toast for a month. Or, more importantly, sleeping in the shed whilst our better-halves ring their mothers and complain.

The Rampage III Gene is exactly that more affordable alternative.

The results in our tests were within a gnats chuff of indentical between the Gene and the Extreme. So in day-to-day use for 95% of us, it will do everything you could want it to do. The likelyhood of anyone who would have the money to be buying this motherboard also wanting to run QuadFire is pretty slim. For most of us on a single or twin card graphics, and who don't run their system at insane overclocks, then the Rampage III Gene is all you could ask for.

That isn't to say it's perfect. There are a few small niggles. Mostly these centre around the MOSFET area with a very agricultural heat-pipe and fin arrangement that really doesn't fit either the rest of the boards design and, perhaps even worse, the Republic of Gamers branding. Even anodised black it would be an improvement, albeit microscopically less-efficient. This is also an area in which ventilation can be a bit of an issue. Both sides of the board are replete with power-circuitry, the graphics card divides the board into two thermal zones, and so if you are looking to either get the most out of your overclocking capabilities, or to run a decent sized overclock 24/7, it's absolutely vital that you make sure your case has lots of ventilation. It's slightly disappointing also to see only a couple of USB 3.0 ports, and a couple of SATA 6Gbps ones.

Other than those small things this really is the motherboard that gives you the quality you expect from anything RoG branded, and yet at a price we all can consider. It overclocks easily, it's as quick as its bigger brother and looks great.

That's something we can all agree is just the ticket. Even our other halves. And it's why it wins our OC3D Recommended award.


Thanks to ASUS for providing the Gene for todays review. Discuss in our forums.

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Most Recent Comments

28-06-2010, 11:27:33

Nice review Tom, love the looks of this board such clean-cut design matching the current gen RoG style. Also congratulations are in order! ASUS have put the review up on Facebook stating,

Wow - Overclock3D have done it again with the WORLDS FIRST REVIEW of the Rampage III Gene!!!!

Excellent publicity. Asus must totally love you dude Quote

28-06-2010, 11:46:59

We do try to do our best for you guys..... Lets just say this is the warm up act eh Quote

28-06-2010, 12:46:05

This board kicks all kinds of ass. LOADS of people I know are using it.

A little while ago you could pick up the latest Alienware chassis on Ebay for about £200 with a 1kw Delta PSU. Few of my friends got them and put in this board.. It kicked seven shades out of the actual Alienware Quote

28-06-2010, 12:49:50

BTW Tom I think this is relevant.. I am an ROG owner. I have noticed the ROG site is immensely slow. Terrible, even.

Is this just me and if not could you have a word with Asus? TBH that's the ONLY gripe I ever had with my board was waiting all day for the updates to download and then finding they had dropped and corrupted..

If this post needs moving then please do so Quote

28-06-2010, 14:12:32

Originally Posted by name='AlienALX'
This board kicks all kinds of ass. LOADS of people I know are using it.
I doubt anyone is using this, seeing as this is the worlds first RE3G review, the RRP hasnt even been confirmed 100% yet let alone any shops have them!Quote

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