ASUS ROG Z370 Maximus X Formula Review


ASUS ROG Z370 Maximus X Formula Review


As we said at the start of today's review, the Formula variant of the relevant ASUS model tends to be the one that sells the most just because it's priced at a level more people can afford than the Extreme/Apex etc model.

If you're the type of person who shops at this high midrange/low high end price point then you'll probably be used to doing the very thing that was the ethos behind our website. Namely buying something more affordable and then using overclocking to squeeze the performance of a more expensive model out of it. Buying a high end model and just running it in its vanilla form is somewhat missing the point. Why go for something that has high quality power components and then not stress them? Anyway, if you're the type of person who wants to purchase a product which could reward you for the time you spend overclocking it then boy have ASUS got the motherboard for you.

Part of the reason, okay a really large part, that we recommend you overclock the Formula is because the stock performance was pretty disappointing throughout all of our tests. We have to say we've no idea why. The memory results are fine and, as we've seen in our many Z370 reviews, the consistency of the Core i7 8700K cannot be denied. Now it's worth mentioning that it isn't miles behind the competition, but given how good both the ASUS Maximus X Hero and Maximus X Apex were in both setups it's hard not to come away from the Formula wondering what happened.

Stock performance might be disappointing but if you're willing to make the effort and go into the easy to use BIOS and push your 8th Generation Intel CPU a little beyond the recommended speeds then unquestionably the performance is good enough to justify the ROG branding on the box. In fact in a lot of our tests the Formula was to be found at the, ahem, apex of our graph. It was even ahead of some much pricier models. Clearly there is plenty of go underneath the hood, it's just that you need to go under the metaphorical hood to unleash the majority of it.

Beyond the performance the ROG Maximus X Formula is everything you would hope to find from a model with such an illustrious name. It has a huge selection of accessories and the PCB itself is stuffed to the gunwales with connectivity options from dedicated water pump headers with flow monitoring, through the ASUS AURA Sync RGB headers, to M.2 slots and a veritable cornucopia of USB 3.1 sockets. It's worth mentioning how fabulous this thing looks too. Every element is blended together in a system that ends up with the PCB looking like it has been hewn from a single piece of plastic. It lends an air of premium quality and looks the business when built into a system. Equally the lighting is excellent. It might not be as gaudy as some other Z370s on the market, but the colour reproduction is good and it works in conjunction with the display to bring a nice amount of customisation options. It can't be long until motherboards start coming with screens more akin to those on our phones, especially given the price of some premium motherboards these days.

So the ASUS Maximus X Formula. It's not as good as the Apex at stock, but if you're willing to spend the time extracting the maximum from your setup then it will still reward you in a manner befitting the Republic of Gamers brand, and thus it wins our OC3D Enthusiast Grade award.

ASUS ROG Z370 Maximus X Formula Review   

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Most Recent Comments

03-12-2017, 17:57:56

as it looks it is not 100% clear if the next generation intel CPU´s (at least the rumored 8 cores) will run on Z370.

i am not sure if i would be willing to gamble and buy a Z370.

but i am happy with my ryzen and threadripper systems anyway.Quote

03-12-2017, 18:00:38

I noticed in the video that it only has one USB 2.0 internal header - can anyone else confirm? Bit of a let down but certainly not a deal-breaker for me. Just waiting for stock in the UKQuote

04-12-2017, 15:30:54

Great looking board, wish we had a Ryzen equivalent

Ace review as always Guv!Quote

07-12-2017, 05:05:41

I have been waiting for this board for ages, just how dissapointing are these benchmarks?

I realise Tom seems to think the Apex is top of the line but i think he has it confused with the Extreme (that so far doesnt exist for the Z370 platform).

He has spoken as if its a mid range board from one of the top tier models (ROG Line) and that its cheaper/more affordable for some, but as it stands, unless they bring an extreme out, then the Formula is very much the best Asus ROG has to offer in terms of cost.

He also gives it an enthusiast award but has he seen the price to go with those poor figures? Its change over £400!!! Its not a cheaper model, its their current best, meaning it should show figures to beat the Hero in all aspects and certainly should be closer if not better than the Apex which is in fact their 3rd current best board in terms of cost (with the Code just above it).

The Apex is well over £100 cheaper and the more affordable board if anything and the hero is cheaper still (the cheapest one in the ROG line up) and thats outperforming the formula in some tests and that's nearly £150 cheaper!...quite how Asus justifies this extra money and quite how this gets an award for those figures at its pricepoint is beyond me.

I have to say i am thoroughly disappointed here, not just for the benchmark figures (especially those at stock) but it has an EK waterblock and pump/temp/flow headers designed and aimed at custom loop builders, yet puts an AIO header on the board when there is also a code available (same board minis the ek block) and it further sticks an OLED display smack bam above where a typical loops pipework and fittings would come directly out of the top of a gpu waterblock (obscurring display)...

I'm hoping theres an issue with the way hes set it up on stock bios settings or theres an issue with the test bench or even that Asus fixes the performance issues with a bios revision because i sure as hell don't fancy spending £400+ on a board with one usb 2 header that gets spanked by boards costing around 40% less!

What a disappointment :-( I'll wait for a couple more reviews but ive had an 8700k for nearing 2 months whilst waiting for this board, now i may have to end up buying one i could have done weeks ago.Quote

07-12-2017, 08:22:25

Originally Posted by CyberScy View Post
I noticed in the video that it only has one USB 2.0 internal header - can anyone else confirm? Bit of a let down but certainly not a deal-breaker for me. Just waiting for stock in the UK
sadly I only had one on my Maximus IX Extreme. also disappointed by thatQuote

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