Biostar TA785GE

Gaming and Video playback

Gaming Results and Video Playback
Video Playback
For the video playback tests the Biostar TA785GE was run with the onboard video card, a Radeon HD4200. Although by no means a behemoth, or even a plain moth, it nonetheless should provide sufficient oomph to handle any playback requirements. Biostar do state that the board supports Hybrid-CrossfireX, but please be aware that Hybrid Crossfire is no use to anybody with the only cards capable of being using in a Hybrid configuration so wheezy and ineffective that it's very much a gimmick more than anything useful.
Video playback was tested with various media and media players. Whatever we could throw at it didn't make it flinch at all and it was as happy playing back tiny Quicktime files or Youtube videos, as it was dealing with 1080p BluRay content. Picture quality was excellent, tracking was achieved without much stutter at all and the audio sync was always spot on.
As an HTPC this certainly has got some ability. The only thing that did start to make it sweat was picture-in-picture on a HD source, and at that point some choppiness was evident. Thankfully it's not a feature people commonly use, but it's something to be aware of.
As previously stated the onboard HD4200 wont be able to crunch its way through anything resembling a recent game. However if you're the kind of person who is perfectly happy with those games you play "for five minutes" and suddenly realise it's three AM and you really need to ace this level on Peggle or find that last hidden screwdriver on Ravenhearst, then the on board card provide all the entertainment you could ever need. No we're not snobs at OC3D. We too have been caught frantically shouting at Bejeweled as more and more gems get locked and our time is running out.
But we all like some proper eye-candy too, and so our trusty HD4850 was inserted into the Biostar TA785GE and the venerable Far Cry 2 benchmark was run to see how it faired. The benchmark consisted of 3 runs through the Ranch Small demo, with the settings used being 1680x1050, everything set to Very High in DirectX 10 mode.
As you can see from the graph below the Biostar returned exactly the kind of results that we've seen previously from this combination of card and processor.
Given that benchmarking a plethora of games would be testing the graphics card more than the system, which has proven itself on a par with the many other similar motherboard and CPU combinations we've tested, it would be pointless to run through an entire gamut of 3D carnage.
So let's try and wrap up our thoughts about the Biostar TA785GE.
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Most Recent Comments

11-12-2009, 16:04:12

Good review, though I was surprised at the lack of HDMI/SPDIF. I really thought they'd be standard on a MATX board with onboard GFX now. Seems like a great board for what it does, but it doesn't exactly do what you want. Not sure what Biostar are trying to do with this one.Quote

11-12-2009, 16:31:49

Didn't think of that tbh, and ur right.

I almost feel now that the mobo looks like it's perhaps 1 of 3 in a range or something, and this is the 'lite' edition.

£57 is kinda over stretching that thought tho.

Other than that, it does look like it does it's best to do what it is equipped with well enough. Biostar have made some mobos that similarly perform very well at what they offer.

I get the feeling now that this is a mobo shipped out to plug a previous generation gap for those who's mobos might have crapped out. Again tho, £57 aint right and I'm sure ASRock's attempts would be that much better and more equipped at doing that.

Complaints aside, the onboard managing over 30fps in that FarCry2 bench, even if maybe out of character, is fair for the HD4200. HTPC mobo - not really, but do able with more kit. Gaming pc - not really, but do able with more kit.

Odd one, great review.Quote

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