Gigabyte Z68X UD5 B3 Review

Test Setup and Overclocking

Gigabyte Z68X UD5 B3 Review

Test Setup

Besides the inclusion of a SSD to allow for testing the IRST, this is our usual LGA1155 test setup.

Gigabyte Z68X UD5 B3
Intel Core i5-2500K
4GB Kingston Genesis
EVGA GTX570 - ForceWare 270.61
Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB
Kingston V100+ 64GB SSD
Be Quiet Dark Power Pro
Windows 7 64-bit


Overclocking the Z68X UD5 is exactly the same as overclocking on P67 motherboards so we had high hopes that the UD5 would be able to give us the 5GHz that it's just possible to squeeze out of our particular Core i5-2500K.

As it was it couldn't quite reach those heights and we had to settle for a a high of 4.8 GHz, which is not inconsiderable at all, and amazingly it was also stable. It seemed to be a bit 'all or nothing' as 4.9 GHz just failed instantly, but the 4.8 GHz, albeit with a hefty amount of voltage in place, was rock solid and that's what we'll be running our tests at.

Gigabyte Z68X UD5 B3 Review

Let's have a quick look at the EFI Hybrid Touch BIOS before we get down to testing.

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Most Recent Comments

12-05-2011, 15:12:12

Looks ok, but a bit expensive, nice review though. Quote

12-05-2011, 15:51:08

nice mobo - but for the price i would rather have a sabertoothQuote

12-05-2011, 15:54:58

Not as impressive as I thought it was going to be but as said it's not a bad motherboard. Z68, apart from the addition of SSD caching doesn't really seem worth it tbh, I know some of the boards offer the use of the IGP but if you are spending over £150+ on a motherboard it seems a waste to use the IGP and not a proper GPU.

With the IGP you also get the Lucid chip (on some boards) and the ability to overclock the CPU where as on H67 you only get use of the IGP which can be overclocked but no CPU overclocking and P67 no use of the IGP and only CPU overclocking.

Combining the use of the IGP and being able to overclock both IGP and CPU is good, but again if you are spending money on a decent motherboard i'd say it's best to go with P67 with a proper GPU or a high end Z68 motherboard with a proper GPU. The SSD caching is good but i would like to see the tech mature a bit to see what it is fully capable of on future motherboards.

Good review anyway Bryan Quote

18-05-2011, 06:16:09

the igp can also be used for encoding

ive seen mediashow espresso 6 benchmarks that show it encoding twice as fast then a gtx 560 tiQuote

18-05-2011, 09:34:04

Originally Posted by Luger718 View Post

the igp can also be used for encoding

ive seen mediashow espresso 6 benchmarks that show it encoding twice as fast then a gtx 560 ti
I read about that in this months Custom PC, not about the 560s but the igp. You can only use it on boards with the Lucid chip though but still it's a good feature to have. You can also switch between using you GPU to using the IGP or you can use it to boost the performance of the GPU, on the Asus boards with the Lucid chip anyway.

Also in Intels key notes at CES they showed the Quick Sync encoding being faster than a 580 .Quote

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