Gigabyte Z77 Overclocking Guide

Setup and BIOS

Gigabyte Z77 Overclocking Guide


Many different motherboards are available, and one of the biggest differences is usually how well they overclock. With the rigid nature of the modern Intel chipsets a lot of the BIOS' are similar, and so whilst there will be cosmetic differences, we're limiting ourselves to the basics today, which should be available on whichever motherboard you happen to own. We're using the Gigabyte Z77-UD5H, which is a midrange number and more than up to the task we've set it today. It's probably the most common motherboard around too, so

Similarly, most CPUs available should be capable of the numbers we're reaching today, so whilst we're using our Core i7-3770K it isn't a vital part of the equation. We're utilising a Thermalright Silver Arrow as always. As heat is pretty much the limiting factor in overclocking, CPU coolers are certainly something we wouldn't recommend scrimping on and if you're using the one that comes in a retail CPU box, then return once you've brought one better suited to the task.

Intel Core-i7 3770K
Gigabyte Z77-UD5H, using BIOS F15Q
G.Skill Trident X 2400MHz
Thermalright Silver Arrow
MSI HD7950
Corsair F80 SSD
Cougar CM1000
Windows 7 64 Bit

OC3D Intel Overclocking Guide     OC3D Intel Overclocking Guide  

One of the useful elements of the UD5H is the on-board CMOS clear, reset and power buttons. As you're guaranteed to lock the computer up at one point during the overclocking process, then having the buttons readily to hand is, if you'll forgive the term, handy. Not vital though, so don't panic if you're without them.

OC3D Intel Overclocking Guide      OC3D Intel Overclocking Guide 


Thankfully for those new to this, which should be all of you, despite the array of options available in the BIOS we're only going to be adjusting a few of them. We know you're all champing at the bit to get on, but we have a few housekeeping issues to cover before starting the overclock. Consider this the equivalent of learning which end of the horse has the teeth before you go sticking sugar lumps in it.

The two main places we'll be visiting today are the Frequency Settings and the Voltage Settings.

OC3D Intel Overclocking Guide     OC3D Intel Overclocking Guide  

This is how things look on an entirely fresh installation of CPU and motherboard. Handy to have a starting point. Should it all go wrong, which it wont, you can always just reload the optimised defaults. Also note that we're running our memory at 1600MHz. Partially because we know that not everyone has fast memory to hand, and also because if you run at a very standard memory speed you can be assured that your overclock isn't failing due to the stress placed upon the memory controller. It's yet another way we're trying to save you tearing your hair out.

OC3D Intel Overclocking Guide     OC3D Intel Overclocking Guide  

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Most Recent Comments

27-02-2013, 01:00:20

actually just watched all this through!

very informative mate, i think you done really well in going over the most important stuff for people who are 'new' to overclocking and want somewhere to start from!Quote

27-02-2013, 01:13:55

Very nice I have learned a lotQuote

27-02-2013, 01:34:08

Noob question - how do you get around the Welcome screen and windows sound? Quote

27-02-2013, 01:39:48

do you mean the windows 7 '4 spinning balls that turns into the windows logo' thing or the icon where your name is?

4 spinning balls thing=
type 'system configuration'
click 'boot' tab at top
tick the box marked 'no GUI boot'

if you ever want it back, simply untick.

as for the user log in bit.

delete other users and passwords.

there is a work around but i cant remember it off the top of my head as its very late, so just use google. as i remember its in regedit and its something like 'user control password'. anyway dont mess in regedit until you know EXACTLY what to change.Quote

27-02-2013, 03:08:07


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