Intel Coffee Lake i7 8700K Review

Test Setup, Undervolting, Multicore Enhancement and Overclocking

Intel Coffee Lake-S Core i7-8700K Review

Test Setup

Intel Core i7-8700X
ASUS Z370-A Prime
Corsair ROG Dominator Platinum 3200 - Stock Tests
G.Skill Trident-Z 3600 - OC Tests
Corsair RM1000i
Corsair MP500 512GB
Corsair H110i GT
Windows 10


The i7-8700K has plenty of strings to its bow when it comes to fiddling around in a non-stock scenario. As you can see at stock we get 4.4 GHz across the cores at a reasonable 1.2v vCore. If you're willing to take a small hit in absolute clock speed you can get it to run - a six core hyperthreaded CPU remember - at a mere 1v for 4GHz of full fat goodness.

One of the newer Intel technologies is their Multicore enhancement which dispenses with the conventional wisdom of running one or two of the cores at a high clock speed whilst the rest lag behind like the fat asthmatic at school sports day, but instead it pushes all six of the cores up to a monster 4.7GHz. This is so impressive that we've added Multicore Enhancement to our standard stock and overclocked results in our graphs.

Lastly if you are willing to get your hands dirty then the thermal and power efficiency of the i7-8700K allows you to hit the magical 5GHz mark at just 1.28v. Five Gigahertz of hexcore loveliness? Don't mind if we do.

Stock i7-8700K

Intel Coffee Lake-S Core i7-8700K Review  

1v 4GHz Undervolting

Intel Coffee Lake-S Core i7-8700K Review  

Multicore Enhancement

Intel Coffee Lake-S Core i7-8700K Review  

5 GHz Overclock

Intel Coffee Lake-S Core i7-8700K Review  

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Most Recent Comments

05-10-2017, 13:03:41

Soo... big question here!

Should I be drinking a large cup of tea or is only Coffee permissible when watching the video?Quote

05-10-2017, 15:27:13

What a CPU. Very nice. Should have been here two years ago, but still, very nice.Quote

05-10-2017, 15:30:30

Certainly looks like a nice upgrade for quad core folks. Not for us Ryzen folks though. I'm content to boycott Intel until they regain their senses.Quote

05-10-2017, 15:49:51

Still not quite enough to warrant an upgrade for me, I'll stick with my 4c/8t.Quote

05-10-2017, 15:52:59

So it's the end of the day: there are, literally 0 8700K's in the entire country and only a handful of boards (with insane prices). Both that CPU and the Apex have an estimated 10+ days to come into stock. It's abysimal and not a launch, worse than Skylake. Sorry but I'm giving this the finger until things become reasonable and actually available, what a letdown as I had plannend on building it Saturday.

Nice review Tom, thanks!! I have some 3333MHz RAM incoming for an Apex or Hero board (very likely the former) and if I don't use XMP but just set it manually, as I like to do, won't that prevent the SA and VCC to auto rise?Quote

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