Intel Core i5-12400F DDR4 vs DDR5 Review


Intel Core i5-12400F DDR4 vs DDR5 Review


Clearly there are two important factors to consider when thinking about the latest addition to the Intel range of 12th Generation processors. One, is the Core i5-12400F as good as the Core i5-11400 was? And two, if it is are you better off going with the newest DDR5 or sticking to your DDR4?

The first question is fairly easy to answer. Whilst the 12th Generation Intel CPUs are all about the rejigging of the architecture to bring us a combination of Performance Cores and Efficiency Cores, that change has naturally brought some price requirements to cover the fabrication costs. The Core i5-12400F on the other hand is sticking rigidly to the formula that has worked for Intel for a long time now. Namely six cores with hyperthreading designed to give you plenty of calculative performance at a very affordable price tag. It's the perfect processor for gaming. When we reviewed the Core i5-11400 we were blown away by how good it was at games considering the price and the move across to the Core i5-12400F hasn't diminished this ability. You get enough raw hardware to not leave you twiddling your thumbs too much during rendering tasks or other all-round uses, but where it really shines is as a gaming processor that has enough power behind the scenes to also run your recording software and the like without compromising your frames per second.

The DDR4 or DDR5 question is one that has been difficult to answer for some time. Certain tests show that DDR5 is better, and others that DDR4 has the edge. That is, however, when you're using processors like the Core i9 that are powerful and demanding enough to be able to squeeze more performance out of anything you can give it. When you've got that many cores it only makes sense to throw all the high end hardware at it. The Core i5-12400F, by virtue of being a more standard design, doesn't want for performance at all, but equally it's not so blisteringly fast that the microscopic differences between current DDR5 and DDR4 memory kits help. In fact, as our testing showed, the lower latency of the DDR4 kits tended to give the performance edge. We do mean edge too. Whichever you end up with will be close in performance to the other option, but if you're seeking to maximise your performance for minimal expenditure then we think the DDR4 is good enough to keep you happy for the foreseeable future. Naturally DDR5 will eventually be more refined, more affordable, and produced in sufficient quantities to overtake the current swathe of DDR4 kits. Today, however, DDR4 seems to be the best choice in price/performance terms.

Finally we need to give a word to the MSI B660M Mortar motherboards we're using for today's review. It's nice to see a manufacturer producing identical motherboards rather than forcing you down a particular route if you prefer one type of memory above the other. They have the majority of technologies you require without breaking the bank or making you suffer an aesthetic catastrophe just because you've already got a DDR4 kit on hand and want to stick with that.

Naturally if you went DDR4 then you're giving up a little bit of futureproofing down the road, but if your budget is that tight then it's likely that by the time there is enough affordable DDR5 in the world we'll be on to the Z790/B760 chipsets. Similarly the Core i5-12400F is amazing, but if you've already invested in a Core i5-11400 then there isn't enough extra here to make the upgrade worthwhile. However, if you want a gaming system that will blow you away in performance terms and you've currently got a 10th Gen CPU or older, the Intel Core i5-12400F is every bit as brilliant as you could hope. It's the perfect entry point to modern technologies and wins our OC3D Gamers Choice Award.

Intel Core i5-12400F DDR4 vs DDR5 Review  

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05-01-2022, 12:48:18

This in an SFX build with small form factor GPU like 3060/3070 would make a killer portable LAN party rig..... if we were allowed LAN's in the current climate Quote

10-01-2022, 12:37:09

The question I'm asking myself now is whether or not the 100 extra bucks for a 12600KF are worthwile even more to get the E-cores.Quote

10-01-2022, 12:47:56

Originally Posted by Peace Ð View Post
The question I'm asking myself now is whether or not the 100 extra bucks for a 12600KF are worthwile even more to get the E-cores.
That depends also on it the etailer/store sticks to $100. I see them adding their own markup on them in addittion, so if that happens i would say its not worth it.Quote

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