MSI P55 GD85 Review

Synthetic Benchmarks cont

Synthetic Benchmarks cont

Super Pi

The ever popular Super Pi is almost wholly useless as a gauge for system performance, but because it's such a tiny download and so easy to run, it is one of those results that we all know our score for. It also eats clock-speed for breakfast and so is one of the better tests for raw power.

At stock the MSI GD85 is around the middle of the pack, and the overclock to 4GHz doesn't quite enable the 1M test to get under the magical 10 second barrier. Very close though and a good effort.



WinRAR  comes complete with an in-built benchmark that tests how fast your computer can deal with archives. Again we see that the stock performance is good, and there is a nice increase to be had from the overclocking. Although it's fairly obvious to say that a faster processor gives better performance, you have to remember this overclock isn't the result of a weeks testing, merely pressing a button and getting on with our day.



The Persistence Of Vision RAYtracer is a freeware open-source raytracing package that uses scripts and language to generate the images. With the release of the 3.7 beta it can take advantage of as many cores and threads as you have available and provides a great real-world test with its in-built benchmark.

Just before we move to the graph we thought you might like to see the output from our rendering tests. Unlike many of our others these (Pov-RAY and CineBench) might not be programs you've tried yourself. Anyone who has had a passing attempt at raytracing will appreciate the complexity of the benchmark image and therefore the impressive nature of the results.

Again the MSI GD85 provides no handicap to performance and even with our i7-870 at stock we passed 500 pixels per second per thread. Great performance indeed.


CineBench has long been part of the OC3D test setup and if we had a pound for everytime we'd seen the render of the motorbike we'd all be living in the Bahamas. A new year, a new OC3D, a new Logo, time for a new CineBench. This one is based upon the vastly optimised Cinema 4D R11 rendering path and so the results are no longer comparable with previous tests.

Similarly to the Pov-RAY test above we thought you'd enjoy seeing the result of the test, and also because we haven't seen it a thousand times it's still fresh to us too.


There are two benchmarks within the CineBench package. The first is an OpenGL test that renders two scenes, makes sure that the differences between the two are small enough that we can consider the test an accurate one, and then animates "live" a car chase. The quality and speed of this test have to be seen to be believed and as you can see from the results below the performance boost from the OC Genie gives us a nearly 10 FPS increase.

The second benchmark is strictly a CPU based one that renders the image shown above. At stock the MSI is impressive, in overclocked state we see a good performance increase. Naturally as this is a new benchmark to us we haven't the wealth of data to get a feel for how good the GD85 performs, but when watching the render occur live, it definitely didn't hang about.

PC Mark Vantage

PC Mark Vantage, from Futuremark, comes with a selection of applications and utilities and performs a variety of tasks that the average user will do on a daily basis. Image adjustment, web browsing and the like. It definitely responds nicely to our overclock and is 71 points shy of breaking the 10000 point barrier.

A 2200 point increase is not shabby at all. This MSI is seriously impressing us.

So we know how it performs on your desktop. How does it perform in your games?

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