AMD HD7770 Review

3D Mark - Low-End Cards

AMD HD7770 Review

Now for the sake of direct comparisons our testing is the same as it always is. However we're aware that this card isn't designed to go up against a lot of the cards in our graphs, so we wondered if the latest HD7770 had enough new features to make it a worthwhile purchase. To this end we dug out our long-past reviews of the low-end Radeon cards, and saw how they stacked up in 3D Mark.

It's worth noting that the other four cards were tested on a 4GHz i7-950, rather than the 4.6GHz HexCore all-singing X79 rig we're using today. Finally, the other four cards are all available for around £100 rather than the £130 that the HD7770 is rumoured to retail at.

3D Mark 11

Even with the underlying benefits of a better test system and more modern drivers, the HD7770 barely keeps up with a HD6790 and is decimated by the HD6850 and plain GTX560.

3D Mark Vantage

In Vantage it makes a better fist of things, but once again it's worth noting that the other cards were tested on the PhysX heavy version of Vantage, rather than the patched version which moves PhysX to the CPU. So given the extra CPU power available from the i7-3960X it's not a great surprise that the HD7770 just edges ahead of its Radeon rivals. All in all if you're going for pure gaming performance, you can do better at a cheaper price with the older cards.

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Most Recent Comments

15-02-2012, 11:02:52

Just woke up, can't wait... Quote

15-02-2012, 11:05:10

Originally Posted by Lollipop View Post

Just woke up, can't wait...
not much to get excited aboutQuote

15-02-2012, 11:12:36

Really disappointing card. As you said in the conclusion no point in getting it over a 560 or 6870 for gaming purposes. The noise and power aspects are the only pluses about this card :/Quote

15-02-2012, 11:13:00

The prices at the moment are what are making these cards bad, they are good cards but they are priced a lot higher than they should be making them bad value for your money. Really they should replace the 6xxx series equivalent in price and position.

If you look at the 6 series launch prices, the 7xxx equivalent should come in at the same and replace the lower model, maybe priced £10 or £20 higher than last gen but not £100+ more like we are seeing now.

6770 - £100 this is where the 7770 should be at around £100 new - actual price is ~£130

6850 - £150 this is where the 7850 should be at around £150 new - actual price will be ~£250+ (rumored)

6870 - £170 this is where the 7870 should be at £170 new - actual price will be ~£280+ (rumored)

6950 - £250 this is where the 7950 should be at around £250 new - actual price is £350+

6970 - £300 this is where the 7970 should be at around £350 new - actual price is £450+

If it wasn't for these cards being priced as high as they are, they would be much better because price to performance would be good, but at the moment it's not. I just hope when Nvidia launches Kepler the prices even out, for now i'll stick with my 6850.Quote

15-02-2012, 11:27:20

The card is a bit.... meh.Quote

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