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Up Close

We've often spoken about how much we dislike the blower style of cooler, and as you can see in the comparison between the Vega behind and the new Radeon VII, they've finally listened and installed a proper triple fan cooler onto their reference design. Long live the King.

AMD Radeon VII Main  

Just because we now have three fans to keep the heatsink cool doesn't mean that AMD have lost the smooth clean lines of their Vega design. The Radeon VII looks very nice with a big hunk of oblong silver accented by the red Radeon logo on the side and a red R in the corner. It looks like it's been hewn from a single piece, which is always a good look in our books.

AMD Radeon VII Cooler  

There is plenty of ventilation on the side edges, and you can also get a good look at the regular spacing of the heat sink fins. It's been a long time since we've been this impressed by a reference AMD GPU cooler. It promises much better cooling than the old Vega one and as we all know if you have better thermals then you can get higher boost clocks. No matter how good something looks, performance is the priority.

AMD Radeon VII Side On  
AMD Radeon VII Heatsink  

It might be a simple thing, but we're positive that the minimalist design of the Radeon VII cooler will win a lot of, ahem, fans. As more and more partner cards have creases and folds and angles it is nice to go back to a simpler design. After all, minimalist design is what turned Apple into one of the richest companies on Earth, so clearly we're not alone in liking this particular aesthetic.

AMD Radeon VII Fans  

At the business end of the card we have a 8+8pin PCIe power input to keep it fed with lots of lovely power.

AMD Radeon VII Power Requirements  

Whilst outputs are a single HDMI and three DisplayPorts. Those with an old DVI-D monitor need not apply. Or buy an adaptor. But really, by now we should all be on modern high bandwidth connections for our display panels. You spend so much time looking at it it's a shame to not have a modern one.

AMD Radeon VII Display Outputs

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Most Recent Comments

07-02-2019, 14:23:14

Nice to have options, but this also means we won't see any significant change in the inflated prices before Navi launch. Hopefully the supply improves.

But it seems that Vega VII is competitive in titles which make good use of async compute and otherwise it's almost a 2070 competitor, making it overall a hard card to recommend.Quote

07-02-2019, 14:46:48

Based on this review, And several others, I will not be purchasing a Radeon 7, I'll either wait for high end Navi or if that disappoints aswell I'll end up quitting PC, Prices are going up and up and up and gen to gen performance is stagnating.Quote

07-02-2019, 15:15:55

Do you know why the performance is worse than RXVega64 in Battlefield 1? Is that from patches or something?

Edit: Love the new battlestation though
Edit2: I've seen some other benches showing the Radeon7 outperforming the 2080 too or 35% better than Vega64 I think something external might have affected that testQuote

07-02-2019, 15:38:19

Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
Based on this review, And several others, I will not be purchasing a Radeon 7, I'll either wait for high end Navi or if that disappoints aswell I'll end up quitting PC, Prices are going up and up and up and gen to gen performance is stagnating.
Well the games are stagnant also, IMO. I will see if I eat my words come the 14th (Metro Exodus) and the 20something? FC New Dawn.

If they're Tom Tit I will probably not even bother setting up my PC at my new flat for a while.

But aye, a 1080Ti will do any one tbh.

Edit. Apologies, where are my manners? thank you kindly Mr Guv for the review. It's pretty much everything Lisa Su said it would be so no false expectations or smoke and mirrors like last time. I am glad she handled the launch tbh. It really cut out on the bullshine.Quote

07-02-2019, 17:04:41

Great review, Thanks Tom. Look forward to seeing how the AIB's present these, hopefully we see some lower temps, higher oc's and a little less noise.Quote

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