Asus 9600 GT - G94 unveiled

The card - close up

Card looks - Asus 9600 GT
Asus have gone with a proprietary cooler for their 9600 GT. This is a cooler not dissimilar to a lot of Zalman's efforts and should cool the card sufficiently.
The PCB is a blue-green colour and comes with the GDDR uncovered. All capacitors on the board are high quality Japanese solid state caps so you shouldn't have a problem with longevity there.
There's not a whole lot remarkable apart from the cooler to point out.
asus 9600 gt front  asus 9600 gt
9600 gt nekked
As you can see, the card isn't unattractive and the green and gold actually compliment each other. The PCB is much cleaner than we've seen in G92 and Nvidia say the TDP of the 9600 GT is 95w, although still included is a power plug.
 card power  card caps
 The chips on the card are Samsung K4J52324QE - BJIA as I have said previously, meaning that they are GDDR3 capable of 1000MHz, although Asus are running them at 900MHz on this card.
The card offers two Dual DVI ports and TV-out via S-Video. Both DVI Ports are HDCP enabled and I believe one is yellow so you know where to plug the HDMI adaptor in!
dual link dvi + HDCP
The Cooler
The cooler on the 9600 GT is as I said a proprietary affair Asus are calling the "Glaciator Fansink". Crap name aside, it's actually not a bad cooler and keeps the card at a steady 31°C idle, whilst holding it to 48°C load.
heatsink close in  Asus cooler close in
9600 gt nekked heatsink
The fan Asus have used for the cooler makes a mild clicking noise and seems to be set to 100% all of the time, most likely due to the fact a 2 PIN plug is used on it. Whilst you can hear thing when you have your ear next to it, the noise is drowned in a normal PC system. Something worth bearing in mind if you're PC is totally silent though.
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Most Recent Comments

21-02-2008, 13:54:27

OK, let's try again

Enjoy Quote

21-02-2008, 14:23:28

Nice review fella. Shame the card isn't much cop. Sounds like Nvidia got a bit lazy :/Quote

21-02-2008, 14:35:02

Aye. It's good, just not up to par of a "next gen card" in my opinionQuote

21-02-2008, 14:43:37

After seeing the slick-look of the 8800GT stock cooler (looks alone), after not liking the double-slot coolers, the fan-on-a-card appearance to me looks awful >.<

One heck of an oc on that sucker mind u. Bit of a breathe of fresh air from the latest GT/GTS cards, which were woeful clockers imo - and tempremental in the process.

There`s only one thing that holds this mid-range card back for me, cos I do think it seems like a good mid-gamer (rts, tame fps, media), and that`s it`s price in comparison with the ATI variety that can beat it in performance.

Around £127 with £150ish GT out there.. I dunno.

Thanks for the read m8.

The audio work well on the hdmi ?Quote

21-02-2008, 14:52:53

Hmm looks like it didn't do well, not a very good start to the 9 series

Looking forward to the 9800 review though Quote

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