ASUS EAH6970 Review

Up Close

ASUS EAH6970 Review

Up Close

The packaging is everything we've come to expect from ASUS, being very high quality with clear and concise panels highlighting the major features.

ASUS EAH6970 Review     ASUS EAH6970 Review  

Internally the box is the standard ASUS black box of goodies with the gold-leaf logo. The card itself is well packed in high density foam which, when coupled to the sturdy nature of the box, should ensure the card reaches you in mint condition.

The accessories are sparse to say the least. A single power adaptor and the default Crossfire bridge/driver/manual combo. Considering this isn't a value card it's quite disappointing. A mini-DisplayPort adaptor would have been nice. as would a bundled game of some description.

ASUS EAH6970 Review     ASUS EAH6970 Review  

Apart from the ASUS logo in the bottom left hand corner of the card it's otherwise identical to the rest of the HD6970s we've seen with the full-cover shroud and a small fan up one end.

ASUS EAH6970 Review     ASUS EAH6970 Review  

In keeping with the reference nature we have a 6 and 8pin PCIe power input along with twin DVI-D, mini DisplayPort and HDMI outputs. The HD6970 doesn't lack for connectivity options.

Otherwise it's all what we're used to, but looks very nice indeed. Black with red stripes is eternally tasteful and matches the rest of the ASUS product range nicely.

ASUS EAH6970 Review     ASUS EAH6970 Review

ASUS EAH6970 Review     ASUS EAH6970 Review

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Most Recent Comments

21-12-2010, 10:28:01

Something still doesn't seem right. A colleague is still scratching his head here.

But looking at it from my pov, I've seen that issue with using an overclocking tool before. You ramp the slider as high as it'll go and you feel you could take it further - and it just won't allow it. It happened

to me recently using afterburner on a 8400 (which is besides the point), but you feel the 'tool' is being told the up/low limits. Perhaps the bios is the key.

If it were mine (I mean donate to me to play with), I'd delve into the bios fiddling menu like atitool/afterburner has and try and massage the limits. From memory tho, if the tool doesn't know the card's bios, it will limit what you can do. I'd still fiddle with it tho.

This is besides the point tho. Off the shelf, something still aint right to me.

Voltage tweak and a oc limit ? Nah, definitely not.

I hate to harp on about it, but those bios versions from the ref card and this would be interesting. I'm going to see if there's any revisions coming out in the future too.Quote

21-12-2010, 10:28:49

Nice review Tom Quote

21-12-2010, 10:37:07

Originally Posted by lawson View Post

Nice review Tom
If you look dude Bryan wrote it It does say at the top of each review who the author is.Quote

21-12-2010, 10:49:05

i'd like that voltage tweak bios

any chance of a dump please Bryan?

[edit] did you try the "EnableUnofficialOverclocking" feature of Afterburner to get past the limitations of Catalyst Control Center?Quote

21-12-2010, 10:49:24

finally the ASUS!

man, i need some more info!

1- what is a the max voltage in smart doctor?

2- why didn't you use MSI's AfterBurner for OC;ing? ppl are getting higher clocks with that, max i saw @ stock voltages was 980mhz Core, so maybe up the voltage using Smartdoctor and get to 1Ghz (World FIRST!!) using Afterburner??

3-What are the temps? this one has aluminum cover, wanna see how much this one is cooler! before and after OC please!

i know am asking alot, but am barely holding back waiting for those to be in stock (USA), if no diff than other ones (plastic cover) my wait is over! thanx in advance!

EDIT:damn 19 sec diff pyro! Quote

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