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Rushkit GTX 980 8PACK

Rushkit GTX 980 8PACK

Rushkit GTX 980 8PACK


Today we have a look at the Overclockers UK Exclusive 8PACK GTX 980 GPU. Designed by the world renowned professional overclocker 8PACK, in conjunction with KFA2, this GTX 980 is one of the most impressive GPUs that we have ever seen.

From the first time you lay eyes on this GPU, one single word comes to mind, OVERCLOCKING! The cards "Tripple Force" cooler is large, filled with 7 nickel plated heatpipes and cooled by 3 fans (2x 80mm and 1x 92mm), all of which can be turned to 100% speed at the push of a button. The PCB is entirely custom, it has a heavily beefed up VRM and power circuitry which can be best described as overkill. These features will help you achieve some really high overclocks on this GPU, not that it's stock GPU speeds are anything to be disappointed in.  

KFA2 say themselves that the selection process for the 8PACK Edition GTX 980 is unique, making sure that this GPU only receives the only the best components, ensuring that the 8PACK's place as the flagship GTX 980. With a Stock Boost clock of 1418MHz, this GPU already packs a powerful punch.

This GPU is the first on Overlcokers UK to be given the 8PACK Branding, alongside a number of complete systems and even a 2000W monster of a PSU.  Who knows if the 8PACK brand will go any further in the near future, perhaps we will eventually see a whole range of 8PACK themed overclocking components.


Rushkit GTX 980 8PACK

Rushkit GTX 980 8PACK  Rushkit GTX 980 8PACK   



Key Features:

- Completely redesigned PCB layout from the ground up, optimized for GM204
- 10 layer manufacturing process in 8 Pack signature black/gunmetal cooler
- Extended PCB width for optimized layout and cleaner signal
- Advanced GALAX exclusive "Triple Force" cooler
- 2x 80mm fan + 1x 90mm fan
- 4x 8mm heat pipes + 3x 6mm heat pipes (total 7 nickel-plated heat pipes)
- Copper base cooler
- Integrated MOSFET heatsink
- Customizable top HOF LED (control blanking frequency, brightness with GFE)
- Plastic cover with premium die-cast aluminum accents
- Anodized aluminum backplate protects components and reinforces PCB
- Next generation IR3595 Digital PWM controller provides 2X switching frequency vs. previous generation
- 8 phase GPU + 2 phase memory power
- IR3555 with next gen DrMOS and 60A output
- Aerospace-grade GALAX Extreme Power Inductors provide ultra-long life, high endurance and low noise vs. normal power inductors
- Hyper Boost technology acts like a hardware turbocharger, increasing fan speed and maximum power delivered to the GPU with the push of a button
- Hardware dual BIOS simplifies the tweaking process by enabling risk-free firmware updates and customization
- Prelim internal overclocking results: >1.5-1.6GHz on air, 1.55-1.65GHz H20, 2.1-2.2GHz on LN2


- Multi-layer ceramic capacitors 
- GeForce GTX 980
- GPU: GeForce GTX 980 (GM204)
- Process: 28nm
- Core Base Clock: 1304MHz
- Core Boost Clock: 1418MHz (1440-1480MHz effective hyper-boost clock)
- Memory Clock: 7010MHz 
- Memory Size: 4096MB GDDR5
- Bus Type: PCI Express 3.0
- Memory Bus: 256-bit
- CUDA Cores: 2048
- DirectX 12: Yes
- DVI Port: 1x Dual-Link DVI, 3x DisplayPort & 1x HDMI
- DisplayPort: Yes 
- HDCP: Yes
- HDMI: Yes
- Power: 2x 8-Pin
- 750W Premium PSU Required
- 180-500W TDP
- Dimensions(with Bracket): 308*129.1*49mm
- Dimensions(without Bracket): 294*116*46.1mm
- Warranty: 3yr


Rushkit GTX 980 8PACK  Rushkit GTX 980 8PACK  Rushkit GTX 980 8PACK  Rushkit GTX 980 8PACK  Rushkit GTX 980 8PACK  Rushkit GTX 980 8PACK  


Conclusion and Video



To describe everything full about this GPU this article would need to be very long and very painful to write. Suffice to say that this GPU is a quality component, with pretty much everything that could be done to improve overclocking done and then done again for good measure, this card has done all it can to make overclocking a breeze, but this cannot counteract the silicon lottery. 

If you want a GTX 980 to try and break some records, or to have some fun with LN2 or Dry Ice, this GPU is exactly what you need, though this comes at a hefty price.   Right now this GPU costs £559.99, which makes it one of the most expensive GTX 980s out there, but that is the price you pay for getting one of the best. 

Remember that right now the GTX 980 8PACK, like all other GTX 980s will also get you The Witcher 3 and Batman: Arkham Knight for Free while stocks last. 


You can join the discussion on the GTX 980 8PACK on the OC3D Forums. 


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Most Recent Comments

29-05-2015, 15:48:34

Not a huge fan of the backplate, but the cooler looks cool imo.

Haven't seen the video yet though, watching it now.

EDIT: now that I've seen it on video the backplate looks quite nice actually.Quote

29-05-2015, 16:29:19

Nice looking card and nice review.Quote

29-05-2015, 16:31:04

Damm , when i saw the 8 pack title i immediately thought 8GB 980!! woo hoo.....*sadface*

Nice vid, lovely looking monster that card!Quote

29-05-2015, 17:28:46

Ooh a Rushkit Video I thought they were extinct Quote

29-05-2015, 22:01:42

That is one awesome looking card !Quote

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