Nvidia GTX295 Quad SLI



COD 4To say I was in awe at the benchmark results is an understatement. Although the scaling was nothing groundbreaking, it was still very good and made a significant impact on the results. The setup simply tore through everything we threw at it and while I didn't expect the setup to struggle, I was impressed with the ease of which it played every game, even with the settings maxed out.

As with all power, there should come responsibility. If you intend on buying this setup but running it in tandem with  a CPU at its stock clocked speed then don't. Two cards would be a complete waste of money for such a system, even the range topping i7 965 chips do not supply adequate CPU cycles to 'feed' the cards,. The benefits of a Quad SLI setup only begin to show when CPU clockspeed is increased dramatically over stock.

I would also be aghast at anyone wishing to purchase and run a setup such as this with anything less than a 24" monitor. In the majority of benchmarks we ran, the cards were quite obviously CPU limited at lower resolutions. At times even 1900x1200 showed signs of being limited, so one might even suggest Quad SLI is only for the owners of 30" panels. While I wouldn't necessarily agree with that statement, I would say that if you intend on gaming at high resolutions and like to apply all the trimmings without worrying about trivial things such as frame rates and electricity bills then Quad SLI should certainly be on your shopping list. How you pay for the setup will depend on which bank will offer you a re-mortgage, such is the cost of ownership.

The Good
- Unparallelled performance
- Easy setup
- E-Peen glory

The Mediocre
- Noise might be an issue for some
- Power consumption certainly will be.

The Bad
- Even Members of OPEC will cringe at the price.

Thanks to Zotac and XFX  for providing the GTX295's for todays review. Discuss in our forums.
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Most Recent Comments

03-03-2009, 11:20:16

holy crap at the fps it gives

insane price though, maybe if i win the lottery lol Quote

03-03-2009, 11:24:31

Tis a strange set of results. Part of me, the "more power" part, loves that the Quad SLI scales at insane resolutions and allows for the AA and AF to be cranked up whilst still providing enormous frame-rates in everything on the planet.

The "I'm a pauper" part of me is surprised that as a single 295 still provides fully playable frame-rates (over 60fps) in everything so I wonder why anyone would bother paying for another one to Quad it. Even the 30" brigade have no real need to go Quad-SLI.

So I'm in absolute awe of the results, demonstrating that PC hardware has reached a peak we couldn't have possibly forseen a year ago. But I'm still aghast that anyone would even consider going Quad for anything other than bragging rights.

Phenomenal all around. And 4.2ghz on air! You hero Quote

03-03-2009, 11:33:04

Lovi'n the "Balls to teh Wall" section, nice touch

Good review, but I agree with VB, 30fps is ample, as nice as 260 or something ludicrus in CoD4 is, my 4870 can make that game playable.

Still, if I also won the lottery...Quote

03-03-2009, 13:00:14

Great review as usual. This looks to be the peak in performance at the moment and whilst I have never been a fan of multiple card setups, it is insane Quote

03-03-2009, 16:52:06

Need and want are always going to be debatable points when it comes to the pinnacle of hardware.

Do we really 'need' 4ghz CPU's and quad sli - I doubt it. Wanting however is another matter entirely and with that thought Jim is going to have to move hell and earth to get me to return these cards.

Do I need them? No, I'm quite happy with my 280SLI rig thank you very much, do I want them...too bloody right I do.Quote

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