Nvidia RTX 2080 Super Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

Nvidia RTX 2080 Super Review  


The upgraded Super editions of the current Nvidia RTX range have been a good combination of a more powerful GPU at a more sensible price point. The RTX 2060 Super and RTX 2070 Super both saw performance hikes that took them much nearer to their bigger brothers in the Nvidia model range. Naturally, as there is already a flagship card at the top of the RTX range in the form of the RTX 2080Ti, we were fascinated to discover how Nvidia will manage to improve the performance of their RTX 2080 cards without impinging upon the territory of their range topping model.

This is, perhaps, made an even trickier job when you consider what the underlying adjustments have been so far. In very general terms the RTX 2060 Super was a cut-down RTX 2070 GPU, whilst the RTX 2070 Super was a cut-down version of the RTX 2080. In fact anyone who saw the performance abilities of the RTX 2070 Super might wonder exactly what they'd cut out, given how closely it matched a stock RTX 2080. When it comes to today's card it all gets a little more complicated. Whereas with those two lower models the original card was a full version of its particular GPU, and thus the Super editions were cut down 'next model up' GPUs, with the RTX 2080 it gets more complicated because it was already a trimmed down version of its own GPU so to make the super all they have done is given us all that the TU104 2080 core has to offer plus with the added bonus of GDDR6 memory to help with large resolution and texture loads.

What Nvidia seems to have done is take the Turing GPU that forms the heart of their RTX range and returned it to its full capabilities for the RTX 2080 Super. This theoretically will place it much nearer the Ti model, without stepping on its toes. With the additional consideration of the incredibly competitive MSRP of the RTX 2080 Super it very well could be a serious rival for the RTX 2080 Ti, but at about £500 cheaper. For that situation to arise though it needs to have the performance to back up the theory, and that's what we're here to test.

Technical Specifications

Nvidia RTX 2080 Super Review  

Nvidia RTX 2080 Super Review  

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Most Recent Comments

23-07-2019, 16:22:33

wow 4-9% more performance.... i am blown away.

OC3D Enthusiast Award
i have seen 5 other reviews from tech youtubers today and all basically said "meh.. who asked for this".

ok it is 2-4 frames more in most games for the same money.

nothing to get excited about.Quote

23-07-2019, 16:31:29

Oh they finally released something better than a 1080TI that didn't cost $1000. That is incredibly unimpressive. You can keep this crap and stuff it where the green sun doesn't shine.Quote

23-07-2019, 16:41:49

Originally Posted by Gothmoth View Post
wow 4-9% more performance.... i am blown away.

i have seen 5 other reviews from tech youtubers today and all basically said "meh.. who asked for this".

ok it is 2-4 frames more in most games for the same money.

nothing to get excited about.
What is your point? It's for enthusiast only. Only they will want the fastest card. Hence Enthusiast award.

It's not exciting to you because you are not an enthusiast. Not sure what else you expected. What other tech tubers say doesn't mean jack diddly squat, most aren't enthusiast. BUT for enthusiast you may as well get it.Quote

23-07-2019, 17:08:04

I can get my Aorus 2080 to 14900mhz on the memory. I have heard these can achieve 16000mhz on the memory.

My currently clocks for the Aorus 2080 are 1940mhz core.

I wonder how the higher memory clocks will help with AA and AAF as we as possible higher core clocks ? Quote

24-07-2019, 08:22:40

Seems the popular thing to do now is to be as negative as possible in reviews and use that to come across as "honest".

Seeing a lot of "oh, Nvidia released another GTX 1080 Ti", which I think is a bad take. Some games love the changes Turing offers, with RAGE 2, Wolfenstein 2, Forza Horizon 4 and Battlefield V acting as prime examples. It is very likely that Turing will age much better than Pascal moving forward (this will no doubt be blamed on Nvidia borking their drivers, as usual).

I still think high-end Turing is too expensive, but at least Nvidia has lowered their pricing and offered more performance at these prices.

Ultimately, Turing can look great or terrible depending on what games you test. That said, it's typically the newest, most technically capable games that offer the largest benefits.Quote

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