Nvidia RTX 3050 Review

Introduction and Technical Specifications

Nvidia RTX 3050 Review


It's fair to say that the past couple of years have seen some significant shifts in the global GPU market. No sooner had we got used to the idea that the newer cards were more affordable than their forebears than the world changed utterly. Suddenly we could not only struggle to find cards, but whenever we could they were way beyond any reasonable price tag.

Nvidia's latest graphics card, the RTX 3050, seeks to address both of these issues by coming in at a reasonable sub-£300 price point, and also arriving on these shores in actual multiple hundreds of ones to buy. Clearly therefore we have two issues at stake. Firstly, is the card worthy of your investment if you are running an extremely old-school card, and how does it compare to other affordable Nvidia options?

What you are getting with the RTX 3050 is the addition of RT cores and the Tensor cores for all the high image quality, DLSS goodness. If the cards like the RTX 3060 are anything to go by then you'll definitely need that DLSS functionality to keep the frame rate north of the magical 60 FPS mark. If you prefer your games to be easier on the graphical fidelity, competitive multiplayer games for example, then you'll be pleased to note that the RTX 3050 includes the Nvidia low latency technology that helps you smite your enemies as fast as you can think about it.

But enough pre-amble, let's take a quick look at the model we have on offer today, and then get down to seeing how the RTX 3050 stacks up against the competition at the worlds most popular resolution.

Technical Specifications

As always with these lower end cards the manufacturer is choosing a very old low card as the comparison point. We'd be more accepting of using the GTX 1650 if the MSRP of the RTX 3050 was even remotely comparable. Surely the GTX 1070 Ti or even a vanilla GTX 1080 is closer? We'll find out in our testing in a moment.

Nvidia RTX 3050 Review  

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Most Recent Comments

30-01-2022, 12:13:46


31-01-2022, 09:09:48

Yup just another card that's stupid money.

BTW mining *is* starting to die. It's way less profitable than it was, and I have already seen quite a few lower end cards like the 3070Ti coming up for sale. Still stupid prices, and the gouging will continue until the flood that I reckon will come by summer.

OCUK now want 2 grand for a 3080Ti. IMO? they are doing the final gouging. Maybe hoping to catch people out before it all comes crashing down. Because when it does they won't be able to sell a GPU shaped stick of gum with the amount of second hand cards flooding the market.

As I mentioned in the 6500XT review thread their head salesman basically said they were gouging people £50 to make it "Not worth bothering for scalpers". Without realising of course that they are just doing the scalping as usual.

And oddly enough the prices did shoot up £50 the day after initial sale, but have mysteriously gone back down because I guess that one blew up in their face when they realised that people found out the cards were turd and not worth having like, at all.

So they are back down to £199 and still people are not buying them. Sadly though the 3050 seems to be so so. Like, better than total chite so people do want them hence the enormous gouge-o-rama.

I don't need a GPU (thank god) but if I did? I would be happy to be patient and wait like I always have with stuff.

Must dash. New 70" TV being delivered today for less than that 3050 on Ebay costs /rolleyes.Quote

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