Powercolor HD3650 Extreme PCS Edition

Test Setup

Test Setup
To test all graphics cards, we use the exact same test setup. This consists of the following components:
Please note that we have set the overclock on the Q6600 to be able to keep our test setup fairly consistent as the speeds of CPU's increase in the near future. 
Benchmarks Used
 The games and benchmarks we use are to enable us to give our readers a clear view of the old and new games that they may play, in a "real life" situation.
games tested
Synthetic Benchmarks
Please note all Synthetic benchmarks were run at stock settings; just as the free ones would be, as well as 1920 x 1200, with 4 x AA added. All benchmarks are repeated three times for consistency.
FutureMark 3DMark03
FutureMark 3DMark05
FutureMark 3DMark06
Gaming Benchmarks
All gaming benchmarks are run through at a demanding stage of the game with no savepoints to affect FPS. These are manual run-though's approximating 3 minutes and all gaming benchmarks are run three times through the same points for consistency. We hope that this gives an accurate and interesting depiction of "real-life" gaming situations. Note the resolutions and AA each game was run at.
All gaming tests were performed in Windows Vista Ultimate, under DX10 if available.
Call of Duty 4 - 1368 x 768 2 x AA
Oblivion - 1368 x 768 2 x AA
F.E.A.R. - 1368 x 768 2 x AA
Bioshock - 1368 x 768 maxx settings in game
Unreal Tournament 3 - 1368 x 768 max settings in game
Company of Heroes - DirectX10 patch. 1368 x 768 
Crysis - 1368 x 768, all in-game settings set to "medium"
Again, all game run-through's are repeated three times for consistency and accuracy.
We hope that this represents a good band of games and benchmarks for people wanting a performance overview of gaming at this current time.
Note that for the review of this card I have set the target resolution to 1368 x 769. This is representing 720p, which would be an ideal resolution for most HDTV's.
Cards Tested
The Gainward Bliss looks like this when we see basic specs:
Powercolor HD3650 Extreme PCS Edition. GPU: 800MHz. Memory: 900MHz (1800MHz). Stream processor clock: 1440MHz.
Unfortunately we do not have a huge choice of lower-end cards in the labs at the moment, so I am benchmarking the Powercolor HD3650 Extreme PCS by getting the best looking settings I can at the chosen resolution. Synthetic benchmarks will be compared to the following cards:
Powercolor HD3850 Extreme PCS Edition. GPU: 720Mhz. Memory: 900MHz (1800MHz). Stream processor clock: 690Mhz.
Gainward 8600 GT Bliss PCX. GPU: 625MHz. Memory: 900MHz (1600MHz). Stream processor clock: 1440MHz.

Drivers used were the most up to date as of the time of posting.
Nvidia: 169.25 Forceware
ATI: ATI Catalyst 8.1
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Most Recent Comments

26-01-2008, 16:13:55

Not a bad little card at all Kemp, I was very surprised at the performance. It's a pity that it's slightly higher priced because by the time e-tailers add their various profit margins to it the 8600 GT becomes a winner in both performance and price. Regardless, what an insanely cool running card.Quote

26-01-2008, 19:09:43

I think the market will price it a bit lower after a while. I read in another article that current draw was about 75 watts (quite a bit more than the 8600GT)

I notice the 2 connections for the bridge, I thought how cool to run 3 or 4 of them.


I realize the drivers arent the best now but I just think its so cool to see the 4 cards, not to mention no power pigtails needed either.Quote

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