PowerColor HD6990 LCS Review

Test Setup and Overclocking

PowerColor HD6990 LCS Review

Test Setup

As part of our Shadow H20 there are a few slightly different specifications to our normal test setup. However we are sure that the system is close enough to our normal one to maintain the validity of results comparison. The only change to be wary of between the PowerColor HD6990 LCS and the other results in our graphs is that they were done at 1920x1200 and this is 1920x1080, so they'll be a slight improvement as there is 230000 less pixels to render.

Powercolor 6990 LCS with Catalyst 11.6 Drivers
Coolermaster HAF 932 Advanced
Rampage III Black Edition
Intel Core i7 990X @ 4.4 GHz - 200x22 1.35v
Phobya Watercooling:
G-Changer 360
DC12-260 pump
Balencer 150 Black Nickel Res
Nano-2G - 1500rpm PWM fans
Corsair AX850 PSU
Corsair Vengance 12GB RAM
Corsair 80GB SSD


Without the heat problem restricting our overclocking efforts the PowerColor was capable of some serious extra oomph. The GPU falling just shy of 1GHz and the GDDR5 having an extra 150 MHz.

PowerColor HD6990 LCS Review


Proving how efficient a water-cooling setup is, especially for graphics cards, we saw a maximum temperature of only 50°C. This is an incredible improvement over the 80°C-ish that we get from the stock air-cooled card.

Let's get down to some benchmarks.

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Most Recent Comments

11-07-2011, 14:47:36

I'd just like to add that h20 added expense to one side, graphic cards with water blocks on them look very sexeh !

(Results in the oc3d reviews are still troubling me, especially when you look at same cards with better settings, where, to be fair, they really can't be slower.)

Ultra damn fast fps for sure. No quality and physx for me tho.

I actually thought it would be more expensive.Quote

11-07-2011, 16:21:30

First off, nice review as always. Do love how the card has a full cover waterblock =D.

Personally I think any card that comes with a waterblock by default should have some sort of voltage tweaking so you can better exploit the extra cooling potential.

Also on the side note:

Call of Duty - Black Ops

If you're a fan of the Infinity Ward shooter then you have nothing to worry about here, or to be honest with any card. WTF Quote

11-07-2011, 17:56:11

dang....nice card....ill give ya my 2x 6970 dcii's and a blue 460 for it?????.....no......didn't think so......cant blame me for tryin thoQuote

12-07-2011, 08:38:16

I think I will be sticking with me pair of asus direct cuII gtx 580's.Quote

16-07-2011, 22:21:41

That electrical noise sound's so annoying I just don't get it, why amd let this noise pass through their testing ?.. Why are they so damn lazy ?.. What the crap ?..Quote

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