Sapphire 4850x2 2GB PCIe Graphics Card



Well, what can I say that the benchmarks haven't already shown. Blistering performance coupled with cool running and swish looks are the order of the day for the Sapphire 4850x2. With a competitive price tag, Nvidia have a lot to worry about as this card beats it's current flagship model with relative ease without being too much more expensive.

As usual, ATI and more specifically in this case Sapphire, have some driver issues to iron out. Failing to run Vantage, Crysis and GRID without throwing up a load of glitches and texture anomalies is not acceptable. I do get the feeling that this model was rushed out despite its huge delays in production, in anticipation of Nvidia's GTX295. While the product performs amazingly in some titles, it falls flat on its face in others. Hopefully, this will be sorted with future driver revisions (for which you will have to rely on Sapphire for).

Overclocking is good for a dual card of this nature and cooling is very good, even when under load. This however, comes at a cost and is perhaps the cards biggest deficit. The noise this card produces is crazy. It will hum away happily when idle but when you fire up something a little more demanding than your favourite Internet browser, the 4850x2's fans wind up to such a speed as to disrupt the space/time continuum and reports have been heard of dogs howling across the other side of the planet due to the incandescent whine of the 4850x2. Well, of course it's not quite that bad but believe me it is loud, louder than almost every card on the market today.

Consideration should also be made to the price, at £332.67 (Ebuyer), it is not far from 4870x2 territory and with the 4850x2's bigger brother having mature drivers with most of it's issues now ironed out, it would be hard for me to recommend the 4850x2 over that. The Nvidia GTX280 simply sails through everything we threw at it with no issues at all apart from it being quite considerably slower than the 4850x2 in some of the benchmarks we ran today. So where does that leave the 4850x2?

Driver issues aside, it nestles quite comfortably between the 4870x2 and the GTX280. If it were my money, for raw performance, I would save that little more and get the 4870x2. For trouble free gaming then single card setups are still king and this is where the GTX280 still reigns supreme. If the 4850x2 was a little lower in price, say sub £300, matching the GTX280 and the drivers a little more mature then I would not hesitate to award the 4850x2 our coveted gamers choice award. As it stands, with it's inflated price and driver issues, it will have to be content with the performance award.

The Good
- Performance
- Overclocking
- Cooling

The Mediocre
- No working drivers included (Download from Sapphire)

The Bad
- The noise

Thanks to Sapphire for providing the 4850x2 for today's review. Discuss in our forums.
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Most Recent Comments

27-12-2008, 17:27:12

Awesome card.

You should have also compared it to a Radeon HD 4870x2 to see the difference between the reds.

At 1600x1200, the GTX280 had double the frames of the 4850x2 in Crysis.

More driver problems?Quote

27-12-2008, 17:34:56

Very intresting, can't beleive I'm saying this but the high end ATI cards especialy the 4870x2 are getting more and more tempting and with this card I guess once the drivers are ironed out its likely to be good.

The GTX295 so far hasn't impressed me much, I'd like to have seen a single card solution as in a sucessor to the GTX280 however it's somewhat unfair to jump to conclusions just yet.

So I we will wait and see but judging by the previous 9800 GX2 wich I owned but wasn't overly impressed by, I don't like the layout idea of two cards linked with an internal SLI connector....I'm sure you will be able to give us the low down on that soon enough though any dates on a review webbo???

Good ReviewQuote

27-12-2008, 17:44:22

Due to it being the xmas period we won't have any GTX295's to report on just yet but as the impending release date is expected to be mid/late January I would expect to read a review around that time .Quote

27-12-2008, 17:46:37

will keep an eye outQuote

27-12-2008, 17:59:32

Meh... Noisy, bad driver support (worse than ATi itself... WOW) and about equal performance to the gtx280. Not to mention the fact that 2 cores on one card are harder to custom cool with air.

I was once hoping to go 4850x2, but now the only option I would remotely consider is another 4850 or a gtx260 216.

EDIT: good review though ^^Quote

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