Sapphire HD5770 Crossfire Review

3D Mark, Dirt 2 & NFS Shift

Sapphire HD5770    Crossfire


The proof of the pudding, so the old adage goes, is in the eating. It would be almost as wise to state that the proof of performance is in the benchmarks.

3D Mark Vantage

The acid test. Whilst normally I berate 3D Mark Vantage for being totally incapable of providing a baseline for the performance we can expect to see, if nothing else it absolutely loves power. The more the merrier. It can eat everything you can throw at it and come back asking "Please Sir, can I have some more?".

Straight away you can see that our HD5770 Crossfire setup slaughters the HD5850, easily keeps up with a HD5870 and, in overclocked trim, beats it. It seems like ATI haven't nerfed the HD5770 after all.

Dirt 2

Codemasters Dirt 2 is a very pretty DX11 race game that is very well optimised providing playable framerates on even average systems. The slight downside is that we don't get those obscene numbers we do with other games, but past 60FPS it's fairly academic anyway.

We see the Vantage results well replicated here with the 5850 comfortably last, the 5770xf keeping up with the 5870 and the OC 5770xf managing to win out again.

Need For Speed Shift

EA rejuvinated the flagging Need For Speed series with Shift, that nicely combined the NFS upgrade mechanics with a much more realistic racing experience. We were so sick of drifting around nighttime streets that it was a breath of fresh air and we still adore it as much as we ever did.

Testing gave us the result we're almost expecting now and the only real thing of note is how low the 5870 Maximum is. Of course when you're benchmarking in "live" play rather than a fixed set there will always be variances.


So much for driving round a track. Can we shoot people in the head now?

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Most Recent Comments

29-03-2010, 10:17:50

you mentioned the driver cd being used. Was it the 10.3 ATI CrossFireX Application Profiles if not it would be useful to know what effect this has across the boards.Quote

29-03-2010, 10:26:57

It was 10.2 dude 10.3 has only just been released.Quote

29-03-2010, 11:06:22

cheers, was wondering. just put spanner in works was intending to buy 5870 but not too sure now, not a lot of money and seems more bang for buck on crossfire. just never used crossfire.Quote

29-03-2010, 18:25:16

Lol this really makes me question my judgement. Was really thinking about a 5870 but this definitely makes me think twice about it if I can save £100 and get comparable performance if I do a bit of overclocking...

If funds weren't too much of an issue would it still be recommended to go with a 5870 instead?Quote

29-03-2010, 18:57:21

If funds aren't an issue and you enjoy the thought of upgrading in the future, then yes a 5870 would be a wise purchase.

If you plan on purchasing a setup and sticking with it until some future release, go 5770.Quote

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