XFX 5870 XXX Review

Overclocking and Temperatures

XFX 5870 XXX

Overclocking and Temperatures

XFX, as we saw in the tech specs, have already overclocked the XXX from the default core of 850MHz, to 875MHz. This will, on such a powerful card, provide a nice boost. But of course we're not satisfied with that.

Using GPUz to monitor our temperatures and RivaTuner to massage the clocks we were able to get a 109MHz overclock out of the GPU core and 86MHz out of the memory.

It must be noted, as you'll see in the graphs below, that even overclocked the heat wasn't an issue at all, but still we couldn't get all of our tests to run over 984MHz. Some would happily run at 1027MHz, but not all and so it will be the 984MHz speed we will be using as the overclocked speed in our upcoming testing.

It's worth noting that the voltages were kept stock for our overclock testing and we're sure that a little boost on the core voltage could obtain some stunning speeds.



We always run our fans manually at 50% to ensure that all our heat and noise tests are comparable across all of our graphics card tests. The XFX HD5870 XXX was audible but not intolerable at 50%. However the temperatures were so good we also tested with the fans being automatically controlled as they would be by default.

As you can see the temperatures barely rose from what they were at our 50% test, and yet the card was utterly inaudible throughout all our gaming testing and even under the most strenuous testing it still couldn't be heard over our Xilence Red Wing case fans.

Silent AND cool? After all, the new Fermi cards are neither silent nor cool. Impressive stuff from XFX.

Temps @ Automatic fan speeds.

Let's see our test setup and run some benchmarks.

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Most Recent Comments

05-04-2010, 17:43:20

Yet another Great Review Tom

What better way to spend a Holiday than testing an XFX 5870?

I know I'd rather be doing that than being stuck here at work selling car parts.


05-04-2010, 19:42:20

Hello Tom

Im just abit curious here, coz as far as i understand u can run a Xfire setup involving a 5870 + 5850 so i was wondering if u would make such review and/or for instance also one including maybe a 5970 + 5870 to see how well this would scale in price/performance.


05-04-2010, 20:35:08

Originally Posted by name='AMD_PBz'
Yet another Great Review Tom
*VB wonders why we have our names at the top of the article*Quote

05-04-2010, 21:15:00

Hey VB

Maybe u would be so kind to answer my question if possible.....

Can u run a Xfire setup with a 5870 and a 5850 and if so, do u have any experience with the performance?


06-04-2010, 05:22:22

Next time use the flashing font and larger type face vb Quote

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