XFX 5870 XXX Review

Racing Games

XFX 5870 XXX

Racing Games

Finally we reach the genre I love best. 2 wheels, 4 or more, dirt, tarmac or mud I don't care. If it involves racing you can put money on me playing it.

Dirt 2XFX 5870 XXX Dirt   2

Dirt 2 is the latest in the ever popular line of off-road games from Codemasters that started with Colin McRae Rally and have been brilliant (CMR2) or very average (CMR3). However with the Dirt re-brand the quality has risen dramatically.

One of the biggest selling points for Dirt 2 on PC is how it's one of the first titles to introduce DirectX 11 features and on a game with so much water and cloth it makes a huge difference to visual quality.

Even with everything as high as it could go the XFX HD5870 XXX provides us with outstanding frame-rates. Even more impressive is how well it responds to the overclock gaining 11FPS average from our 100MHz extra clock speed without gaining either noise or heat.



Race Driver : GRiDXFX 5870 XXX Race   Driver Grid

GRiD is a whiskered old man now, but it is still as playable as it was when it was a fresh faced youth.

Because it's well known that GRiD responds very well to ATI hardware we made a slight change to our testing and rather than run the same benchmark multiple times, we ran five races at five American tracks (the most graphically stressful) and then averaged those results.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody the XFX was so relaxed it almost fell asleep whilst churning out frame-rates in the 140+ bracket even at minimum. Despite staying at the back of a huge field of cars we just couldn't make it twitch.



Need For Speed : ShiftXFX 5870 XXX Need   For Speed Shift

If GRiD is playable and Dirt 2 is graphically sumptuous then Need For Speed Shift is the lovechild of the two.

A quick glance at our screenshot demonstrates how truly brilliant the graphics are and EA have made sure the game treads that oh-so-fine line between forgiving and a simulation.

The scenery is magnificent and every car makes us wonder why Polyphony are taking so damn long.

Despite putting the details, as always, to the maximum the HD5870 XXX, as always, just merrily plodded along without so much as a tiny hiccup.


Time to wrap this up.

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Most Recent Comments

05-04-2010, 17:43:20

Yet another Great Review Tom

What better way to spend a Holiday than testing an XFX 5870?

I know I'd rather be doing that than being stuck here at work selling car parts.


05-04-2010, 19:42:20

Hello Tom

Im just abit curious here, coz as far as i understand u can run a Xfire setup involving a 5870 + 5850 so i was wondering if u would make such review and/or for instance also one including maybe a 5970 + 5870 to see how well this would scale in price/performance.


05-04-2010, 20:35:08

Originally Posted by name='AMD_PBz'
Yet another Great Review Tom
*VB wonders why we have our names at the top of the article*Quote

05-04-2010, 21:15:00

Hey VB

Maybe u would be so kind to answer my question if possible.....

Can u run a Xfire setup with a 5870 and a 5850 and if so, do u have any experience with the performance?


06-04-2010, 05:22:22

Next time use the flashing font and larger type face vb Quote

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