Logitech G Wireless Pro Gaming Mouse Review


Logitech G Wireless Pro Gaming Mouse Review


The G series of products from Logitech is nearly always extremely high quality, and Logitech themselves resist the temptation to take advantage of this brand identity and release products every two minutes, but instead wait until it is ready for the big time before unveiling it to the public.

With the G Wireless Pro the wait for a smaller wireless mouse from Logitech has definitely been a worthwhile one, as it is a fabulous mouse that takes a simplified approach and still comes out smelling of roses.

Too often when designing a flagship product companies go all out to stuff it full of every headline technology and over-design it in an attempt to make it look like it's worth what they are asking, regardless of how usable it is. Logitech have very much taken the opposite approach, going for a design which echoes the first gaming mice we saw with a single shell ambidextrous design, free from aggressive cut outs in the hips or angles and creases in the top section. The best way we can describe the G Wireless Pro is that it subscribes to the pebble school of design where it looks like it was created as a single piece, entirely smooth and softly curved in all places. This extends to every part of the mouse. There are no top sided buttons to adjust DPI or change profiles, instead you can map these functions to the right or left hand side buttons as you see fit. Or set it up in the software and use those buttons for whatever you like, or turn them off entirely in any combination. The battery indicator is easy to see, but unobtrusive, a difficult combination to achieve. There are no rubberised side pieces either, instead the matte finish on the mouse combines well with its extremely light weight to ensure it's under control at all times. Lastly the scroll wheel is responsive with only a small amount of notchiness to help you accurately swap weapons without it sounding like you're using a football rattle when scrolling down large documents.

Of course the design matters for nought if the wireless capabilities and sensor quality aren't up to par, but we're pleased to report that all is well here too. The wireless functionality is outstanding. The days when you had to run a wired mouse to overcome the latency problems that plagued early models are consigned to the history books as the G Wireless Pro has 1ms response and felt exactly like using a wired mouse in our testing, albeit without the wire. The sensor itself is award worthy. Supporting DPI scales from 100 to 16000 you are guaranteed to find a level that suits your tastes, and with zero interpolation, smoothing or acceleration you get the exact output you expected from your inputs. If you haven't already adopted a mouse that has this 1:1 tracking then it will improve your results almost immediately. It tracks beautifully, being just as accurate whether you're deciding which eyeball to snipe or making massive Leeroy Jenkins-esque motions. What helps this level of accuracy is also the featherweight nature of the G Wireless Pro. We're struggling to remember any mouse we've reviewed that is so light, let alone one equipped with a battery that will give you up to 60 hours playtime. In our testing with the lighting running we went from fully charged to half charged in 25 and a half hours, so we think 60 hours without the lighting is certainly within range. Even 50 hours with everything turned on is hardly paltry for any wireless mouse, but properly eye-opening for one that weighs as little as this.

All the ingredients that make up a premium gaming mouse are here. It's light, so you can play for ages without fatigue, it's smaller chassis size and rounded edges are perfect for all hand sizes or those of you who have tired of the angular designs, the buttons are crisp and responsive both on the sides and the main LMB/RMB and the sensor is accurate and responsive. All of this is paired up to a wireless system that has no discernable latency and an amazingly long battery life given the lightweight of the mouse, which all adds up to the Logitech G Wireless Pro being absolutely worthy of the wait and also our OC3D Performance Award.

Logitech G Wireless Pro Gaming Mouse Review  

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Most Recent Comments

03-10-2018, 15:07:09

Wish they'd make a newer G600 best MMO mouseQuote

04-10-2018, 08:55:50

Definitely a mouse I might try, but my current G400 is still the best imho as it's just a newer MX518 <3 No need for an upgrade or replacement yet, which is what I'd rather call it.
With mice and keyboards it's always just a question of what you're being used to and like. There is no real "this is good, this is bad" if you ask me.
But you're certainly right that pretty much anyone has ever owned a Logitech peripheral Even if it was just one of those old speaker systems
I can definitely say that I'm a fan and will always be one, after owning 3 G35 headsets, Media Keyboard Elite, G910 keyboard, MX518 and G400 mice, C720 webcam and testing the G633 headset Quote

04-10-2018, 10:13:37

I really want this mouse since I prefer a light mouse but I can't justify it as a G900 owner. Quote

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